Though “sensible” and “splurge” don’t seem like they belong together, when it comes to a kitchen remodel, there is such a thing as shrewd extravagance. At first blush, some elements may seem pricey or excessive, but in reality, will payoff in the long term.

1. Kitchen cabinets – Consumer Reports advises remodelers to “put your money where it counts when it comes to cabinets.” High-quality wood cabinetry is durable and won’t chip like some laminate doors can. Because kitchen cabinets get heavy use, they must be built of strong, thick materials. European style cabinetry will set your kitchen apart from the more basic and common styles on the market.

2. Quartz countertops – This is another area where it doesn’t pay to skimp. Quartz is durable and you won’t be tempted to replace it in a short time span. While granite is an equally attractive option, more designers are choosing quartz today because it is actually harder than granite and is more color consistent.

Rosewood kitchen

3. Built-in beverage dispenser – This is where you can select a beverage device that suits your tastes. For example, if you’re a tea drinker, an instant hot water dispenser at the sink makes sense for you – you won’t have to constantly run the microwave or boil water. If you’re a wine connoisseur, a small wine refrigerator is ideal. Coffee drinkers enjoy built-in coffee makers. Any of these options are timesaving conveniences for you and have lasting appeal to future buyers.

4. Banquette seating nook – If you have a small space for a banquette booth area, you can get a lot of design bang for your buck. Not only do you get a space-saving design and cozy eating nook, you can inject fabric and color into the room on the seat pads. Such a comfy niche is appealing to all prospective buyers.

5. Commercial-style stove hood – A sculptural hood is like a piece of art for your kitchen and is an instant focal point. It’s also functional – cooking smells are a thing of the past.