You’ve heard that life is about the journey, not the destination, and that motto also holds true with kitchen remodeling projects. Half the fun is designing the kitchen, because you get to think like a kid in a candy store; but instead of drooling over gumdrops, you’ll be drooling over wood finishes. From the small details, like your door hardware, to the big details, like cabinetry design, you’ll discover what style suits your personality. Once your project is complete, you’ll wonder why you didn’t embark on the journey sooner.

If you have traditional taste, you’ll probably opt for a traditionally styled kitchen. But traditional design does not have to be boring.  will push your room from ho-hum to drop dead gorgeous. Not only do designers appreciate custom cabinet doors, but the average buyer can also detect higher end cabinetry from lower end cupboards. The graining, finish, and styling are very different between low-quality doors versus high-quality doors. Quality cabinetry simply looks like solid furniture and has furniture-like details.

27Orange contemporary teak kitchen

The little details make the difference and will set your kitchen apart. Ideally your appliances will blend seamlessly with your kitchen footprint, and hopefully you’ll have enough room in your custom kitchen cabinets to hide the clutter and your small appliances.

If you opt for a , you’ll want to select cabinetry with clean lines. For a little variety, you can choose white cabinets for one area, like the island, and wood cabinets in the remainder of the room.

Leave room in your budget for a couple of luxuries that you want the most. For some people, this may mean an instant hot water dispenser at the sink for tea. For others, it may mean having several sinks for different purposes. No matter what your extra treat is, it will be appreciated by both you and prospective buyers.

Country kitchens can have a designer look – they don’t have to look dowdy or fit for an old farmhouse. With the right custom kitchen cabinets and a few open cupboards, country style will give off a casual, cozy aura. In an eclectic kitchen, you have total freedom – you can design your room with total abandon and make your own rules.

Studies show that homeowners consider their cabinet choice to be more important than any other choice they make in remodeling. Fortunately, it’s hard to make a mistake, because the rules are loosening and you are allowed to mix and match freely.