Although many home or office improvement projects require a lot of planning and hard work, there are usually a few really “fun” decisions to be made. These often include the choices in paint and color schemes, moldings, and major features. One area that many people almost entirely forget about are the doors, but custom wood doors can make it easy to make a very expressive statement of personal style and have a lot of fun making the choices along the way.

What sorts of custom interior doors are available? Actually, the first thing to understand is the importance of choosing only top-quality wooden doors. For instance, opting to purchase doors made from “honeycomb” materials is nearly the same as buying a “hollow core” door. This is choice to be seriously avoided, and it is best to purchase only all-natural wooden doors. After that, it is important to be sure that the vendor is offering custom wood doors treated or finished with real wood veneers.

The interior doors need also be prehung as well, since this makes the installation process a nearly “sure thing”. It isn’t always easy or simple to install wood doors, but when they come already mounted into their framework, and with their hinges securely in place, it is an incredibly valuable option or feature.

Next, it is simply a matter of deciding about the overall looks of the door (or doors) to be selected. For instance, there are doors that use all-natural veneers in highly decorative ways and which create patterns using only the grains of the wood. There are also styles that incorporate “lights” or door panels of glass. These tend to feature frosted or matte glass to allow for privacy and security while also permitting light to pass right through.

Obviously, it is relatively easy to forward the overall design scheme through a properly selected custom door, but often it is more difficult to actually make only one choice!