Adding paneling to your walls can dramatically elevate your home's interior by giving it additional character and texture. One can choose from a wide range of , regardless of whether you are searching for that minimalist look with flat paneling or are intent on having something more ornate such as a raised panel with a custom design. With wood paneling, there is something for everyone.

When it comes to wood paneling, people often talk about the cost. Some are concerned that the expense of wood paneling will be too high for the average family; however, this is not the case.

Wood wall paneling can be quite affordable, depending on what you are looking for. Of course, some designs and materials will cost more than others, but generally, paneling is reasonably priced. You can even consider if you’re looking to jazz up that room.

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Explaining Variations in Pricing for Paneling

The main difference in the price of paneling comes from the materials you choose when . For instance, when looking at a conventional, home-center-styled pressed wood paneling, you can get thirty-two square-foot sheets for between $12 and $40. It usually depends on what you are going for.

As you would expect, higher-quality paneling is more expensive. For example, horizontal-oriented wood paneling can cost $400 per sheet for the same size mentioned above. However, this is still considerably less expensive than solid ebony pieces.

When it comes to hardwood, one sheet of walnut veneer paneling can set you back $90 per piece. If this is out of your price range, you can still get something more affordable such as a photo-generated walnut-look-alike panel for about $20 per sheet. When paneling is veneered with real hardwood, one of the cost drivers will be the cost of the hardwood placed on the front.

Sometimes, a contractor or homeowner may use a higher grade of hardwood in the front and a lesser quality of the same hardwood in the back. Doing this helps control the expansion and contraction of the panels. When only a portion of the board is veneered, any movement on the back side might stress the entire board, causing it to crack.

A Look at Installation Costs

In addition to the style and the cost of wood paneling, you will have to consider the installation price if you don’t intend to do it yourself. In most cases, contractors will charge about $1,050 to $1,600 to add walling paneling to a twelve-by-twelve-foot space. However, prices can vary based on several factors, including material, style, and setup.

There are also several primary paneling types, and the one you choose will play a role in determining installation costs. For instance, shiplap is usually considered a budget-friendly material, whereas raised panels and decorative overlays can cost a substantial amount per square foot.

In most cases, synthetic materials such as medium-density fiberboard cost the least, unlike their solid wood counterparts, which are fairly expensive. If you intend to hire a general contractor to do the installation for you, you should expect to pay about $90 per hour, which will add to the overall cost of your paneling project. You should choose a person or company who has experience with wood paneling and knows what they are doing to avoid any problems in the end.


Despite the high cost of some wood wall paneling, there is a wide range of functional and decorative benefits that come with them. When you analyze paneling, you will also find that wood panels can improve your home's insulation and provide better energy efficiency. When you factor in the cost of the paneling you like best, you should never forget the additional benefits they can provide.

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