Making sure that your office doors are safe, secure, and hung correctly is an important element of creating a welcoming office‒and this task is not as challenging as it may initially appear. To install office doors, you simply need to choose your doors, make sure they fit correctly, add hinges, and then hang and finish. 


If you are still overwhelmed, we are here to help. This guide will help you select the right office doors for your needs and install them correctly.

Choosing Your Doors


There are several elements to consider when choosing your new office doors, and the main areas include:


The Size and Layout of Your Office 


The size and layout of your office will be the biggest factors in choosing your office doors. For example, sliding doors work well for small offices and eliminate the question of should office doors open in or out‒for the record, experts recommend that office doors open inwards. Larger offices may benefit from patio or French doors, particularly if they are in a sunny spot!




Choosing soundproof office doors is also something to consider when making your selection. Offices can be noisy places, so make sure you invest in the right soundproofing to help keep everyone focused.




Personal preference will also play a role, and this will depend on the type of office you have. A collaborative, open space that relies on communication and accessibility can benefit from sweeping French doors or glass panels, while offices that process confidential information or require strict focus may need a solid, simple interior door.


Installing Your Doors


Now that you’ve selected your doors, the next step is to install them.


Check the Fit


Fit your door to the frame, and check whether any excess material needs to be trimmed off. If you have purchased your door from a retailer like 27estore, you will likely be able to skip this step. 


Add Hinges


When the door is trimmed to the right side, hold it back in the frame and mark the spot for the hinges. Depending on the door, you will have the spaces already carved. 


If the carvings are not there, you will have to carve the recess yourself using a chisel and mallet. Once the recess is in place, mark the position of the screws on the door, drill in the hinges, and make sure they are secure.


Hang the Door


The next step is to hang the door. Remember to leave a gap at the bottom and place a screw in each hinge. Screw in your hinges, and check that the door opens and closes as desired. Once you are happy, screw in the rest of the fixtures.


Finish the Door


All of the doors from 27estore come finished, but you may wish to finish other models with a coat of paint or varnish. When painting, remember to follow the grain of the wood for a polished, professional result.


Fit the Handle


The final step is to fit the handle‒again, this will usually be included and added to your order at 27estore. 


If the door is not prepped, start by holding the latch case up to the door and making sure it is in line with the strike plate on the door frame. Mark the edges, and then measure the length of the latch. 


Next, drill a hold of the same depth into the edge and spindles of the door, insert the latch, and carve out the recess if needed. Then, push the latch into the recess, secure it, and tighten everything up.


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In Closing


Installing office doors doesn’t have to be a challenge. With our simple guide, you can enjoy stylish, functional new doors in no time!