The right doors play a key role in keeping your office safe, secure, and protected. For safety, experts recommend that internal office doors open inwards, as this makes it easier for emergency services workers to gain entry and reduces the risk of injury by opening the door in someone's face. The same is generally true for exterior office doors‒the only exceptions are safety doors, such as fire escapes


At 27estore, we understand that finding the right fixtures and fittings for your office can be tricky, and so we have put together the ultimate guide to office door installation, including how to find the right size, whether doors should open inwards or outwards, and advice on the perfect materials‒all of which are represented in our office doors!


Should Office Doors Open In or Out?


As mentioned, experts typically recommend that you hang your internal door so that it opens inwards. This will not only make it easier for firefighters and emergency services to break the door down in an emergency, but it will also reduce the risk that someone will accidentally open the door onto someone else waiting on the other side.


With this in mind, you should fit the hinges on the side that will allow the door to swing inwards, and remember to leave a gap at the bottom for the door to swing freely.


What About External Doors?


In addition to internal doors, your office will also have external or exterior doors on the outside of the property. Experts recommend that these exterior doors open inwards, as this tends to be a more secure option.


Inwards-opening doors typically have hinges on the inside of the building, and this makes it harder for criminals to tamper with the mechanism. When your hinges are outward facing, they can be removed along with your door, making it easy for intruders to enter the office.


Additionally, an inwards-opening design can be more easily fitted with features such as chains, latches, and alarms. Inward-opening doors are also less exposed to the weather and wear-and-tear, helping them last longer.


There are occasions when external office doors need to open outwards‒this is usually seen in emergency exits or fire escapes. It is important to consider the nature of the door and its location before making a decision on which way it will open.


Other Door Details


In addition to deciding whether doors should open inwards or outwards, there are other aspects to consider when choosing office doors, such as:


Size of the Door


The average door in the US is eighty inches tall by thirty-six inches wide, as recommended by a range of accessibility and inclusivity legislations. The majority of office doors will fit these parameters‒including those in our range. 


However, it is always good to double-check to make sure you get the perfect size. Start by measuring the width of the internal office door at its widest point, and then measure the height from the top of the opening to the bottom.


Material of the Door


You will also need to make sure you choose the right material for your door, and this will depend largely on the needs and layout of your office. Here at 27estore, we offer a wide range of options, from solid oak doors that are perfect for privacy to glass doors that are ideal for letting in light and facilitating a welcoming workspace.


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Wrapping Up


On the whole, office doors should open inwards, and this typically applies to both internal and exterior doors. There may be cases in which exterior office doors are required to open outwards, but this is typically for specialty doors like fire escapes. Contact the 27estore team today or check out our catalog to select the perfect door for your workspace!