It’s easy not to notice as your once-pristine tall pantry cabinets become cluttered to the point of being nearly unusable! Half opened boxes of pasta and misplaced storage containers can quickly overwhelm your formerly tidy shelves. 


There are many ways to revamp your pantry cabinets to decrease the clutter and keep it gone for good. Let’s dive into some of 27estore’s top tips for pantry cabinet organization!


Keep Like Items Together


Keeping similar items together can be easier for certain items like dishes and storage containers, but what about your various canned goods? This is where the minor storage solutions come in. 


For food items that come in a variety of differently shaped boxes, it might be more efficient to transfer them into their own separate dry food storage containers. If you’re the type of person who uses a lot of seasoning, it may help to invest in a rotating spice rack. You can also add Lazy Susan-esque storage to make it easier to find other go-to items! Additionally, adding small racks to your cabinet shelves can easily help you keep things orderly and in sight.


Embrace Labels


Clutter tends to occur when items end up in places where they don’t belong, so an easy way to prevent this is by adding labels to the inside of your pantry cabinet. Labels can be added to the interior cabinet drawers, but you can also easily add organizing labels to shelf steps and clear storage bins. 


If you’re the type of person who likes to purchase in bulk, you might forget about items that are stored further in the back of your cabinets. Adding labels ensures you don’t forget about those slightly out-of-sight items before they go bad or you find yourself purchasing them again.


Make Better Use of Vertical Space


Sometimes, shelves are too wide for our actual needs. This can easily lead to non-optimal solutions like stacking up items efficiently to fill the space. 


Of course, there are way better ways to turn that extra room into practical storage. You may want to utilize tall baskets to fit in more items that don’t naturally stack well together, like your kitchen towels or reusable bags. Or, by using an under-shelf storage solution, you can turn open vertical space back into a usable storage area.


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Downsize Your Items


Often, the solution to clutter is to do a proper kitchen clean-out. Do you have a variety of nonperishable food items that never make it from your cabinets to the table? Have you found any half-used products that you no longer cook with from recipes you tried in the past? There’s a good chance you might find some perfectly good food items that can be donated to a local food bank, or some friends or family might gladly take some items off your hands. 


If you haven’t used something for months, it’s unlikely that you will start now, so it’s a good idea to get rid of it to open up your space for the items you do use! Our lives are constantly changing, so downsizing might just be the thing you need to bring your pantry cabinets up-to-date with your current kitchen needs.

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