Whether it’s time to update your office’s designs with a few simple hardware replacements or the door knob to your office was damaged, it’s fairly simple to remove and replace door knobs.


To remove a commercial office door knob, you need to identify the type of door knob you’re removing, locate and unscrew the screws, and remove the knob and rose. You can complete this simple maintenance task with just a Phillips-head screwdriver. If your door knob has hidden screws, you may need to use a flathead screwdriver, paperclip, or small pin.


Our 27estore guide to removing door knobs can work on a wide range of office doors. Updating or renovating your workspace can be a major undertaking‒from gauging the price of installing new office doors to sorting out how to adjust office door closers to keep them up to code. This handy guide will help you cut down on costs while teaching you how to safely remove your office door knobs yourself.


Identify Your Doorknob Type


Before you start using your screwdriver, you need to identify what type of door knob you are working with. There are typical four types of door knobs:


  • Entrance or keyed entry knobs: These knobs are used typically on exterior doors, because they are often more sturdy for security reasons.
  • Dummy door knobs: These knobs are typically found on shallow closet doors in residential homes, but may also be used for certain storage spaces in your office.
  • Privacy door knobs: Privacy door knobs are designed to have some security and come with a lock. However, they are less sturdy than keyed or entrance knobs because they are used on interior doors.
  • Passage door knobs: These knobs are used on closet doors or door to spaces that don’t require a lock.


After you determine the door knob type, purchase a replacement knob to install after removing the old knob.


Locate the Screws


Next, unlock the door if needed and open the door. This will make it easier to see around most of the parts of the knob on either side of the door, as well as the latch or lock. Once the door is open, identify where the screws are located.


Some knob mounts are designed to conceal the screws for aesthetic purposes. Be sure to check around the top, base, and sides of the knob for an opening that will expose where the screws are.


Sometimes, you might see a pinhole or slot instead of traditional screw holes. This means your knob has a detent‒a type of hidden lever.


Unscrew and Remove the Knob


Now that you have located the screws, hold your door knob firmly in place. If your screw has a standard hex-head indentation, use your Phillips-head screwdriver to turn the screw counterclockwise slowly to unscrew it.


Does your door knob have a pinhole or slot opening? Take out your flathead screwdriver and push it into the pinhole or slot carefully. If the flathead screwdriver is too large, use a paperclip or small pin.


Now that the latch is fully unscrewed or loosened, you can tug on the door knob until it pops out of place or separates from the base‒also known as the ‘rose.’ If your door knob does not have screws or a latch, you should see a tiny slot or hole underneath the door knob’s shaft. Push into that slot or hole with a narrow screwdriver or pin, and tug on the knob. It should slide off easily!


Remove the Rose


In most cases, the rose will come off along with the doorknob. If this doesn’t happen, you will likely need to remove it separately. To do this, simply wedge a flathead screwdriver under the small opening between the rose and the door’s surface. Then, you can gently pry the rose off, or you may need to twist it and pull it away from the door.


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