If you are preparing your workspace to become compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines or want to elevate your workspace with quality office doors, fire-rated doors should be next on your office renovation list.


Fire-rated doors are made with materials that can slow or stop the spread of flames, smoke, and sometimes radiant or conductive heat transfer. These doors can also provide protections against accidental human impact or against ballistics, blasts, or forced entries. Fire-rated doors are usually referred to as assemblies, which include the door itself, the frame, hardware, glazing, and other component parts


These types of office doors are typically used in areas of egress‒spaces you frequently enter or exit. This includes any lobbies, stairwells, exit doors, or storefronts in your business’s building. 


When selecting doors for areas of egress, you need to meet code requirements. For example, fire-rated doors are required to have positive latching and be self-closing, and must remain closed during a fire to protect spaces of egress so people can evacuate safely.


If you are installing fire-rated doors and need to adjust your office doors so that they are up to code, our guide will help you learn everything you need to know about fire-rated doors.


Fire-Rated Versus Fire-Resistant


Both fire-rated and fire-resistant doors serve similar purposes, but they aren’t exactly the same. For example, fire-rated doors or assemblies are designed to withstand fire or extreme heat for a specified period, usually a few or several hours. These doors undergo rigorous testing before they are certified, meaning they meet the strictest safety standards.


Fire-resistant doors, on the other hand, are built to resist fire to a certain extent but have not undergone the same amount of testing and therefore do not have the same certifications. While both types of doors serve similar functions, fire-rated doors are designed with a higher level of reliability and safety.


How to Know if a Door Is Fire-Rated


If you aren’t sure if the doors in your commercial building or the doors you’re shopping for are fire-rated, you can always check the hinge side of the door. Then, look for the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Warnock Hersey (WH) fire label. These usually look like a circled 'UL' or 'WH.'


Sometimes, the certification label is not on the hinge side of the door, so if you don’t see it, try looking elsewhere next. You may find the label on the top or the bottom of the door, or the label may have been painted over or worn down over time. Sometimes, the labels are embossed in the frame, so you can also run your fingers over the sides, top, and bottom of the doors to feel for any raised surfaces or letter texturing.


Glass Fire-Rated Doors


Glass and glass paneled doors can be fire-rated. This is perfect for commercial spaces, such as offices or laboratories, where you need increased visibility between spaces but still need fire safety measures. Fire-rated glass, when paired with other fire-rated assemblies, can provide protection in the event of a fire and be up to code.


With all other fire-rated assemblies, these glass doors can have fire ratings between twenty to ninety minutes; this is enough time to keep you and your employees safe during an emergency.


Fire-Rated Door Frames


Another key component of fire-rated doors is the door frame. Fire-rated door frames can work with fire-rated glass, doors, hardware, and other components to help stunt the spread of a fire and ensure a path to safety for you and your employees.


Keep in mind that fire-rated door frames must have a legible, permanent label. You cannot paint over or cover up the certification label.


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