The first impression made at any office begins with its front door. Office doors can offer a glimpse into the character and culture of a company, while also playing a role in setting the tone for a business.


There are a plethora of office door designs and materials to choose from. Whether you opt for a wooden, aluminum, glass, or metal door, striking a balance between aesthetics and security is key. No matter what type of business you run, 27estore has options that work for your budget. Browse our wide range of office doors and find the one that’s right for you.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Doors

When it comes to selecting the right doors for you and your company, Ask yourself a few questions before making your final decision–how secure do you need the door to be? What is your budget, and do you prefer style over durability, or a blend of both? When choosing doors for your office interior, considering these questions can help ensure your selection enhances workplace aesthetics while also meeting the practical needs of your business. 


For example, considering doors that are fire-resistant is important for prioritizing the safety of those within the building during an emergency. These doors are specifically designed and constructed to withstand fire for a certain period of time and create barriers against fire and smoke–allowing time for people to evacuate.

Wooden, Metal, and Glass Doors

When choosing doors for your office, consider the advantages different materials offer.


Wooden doors have a classic charm about them and can provide insulation against temperature changes and noise. This can lead to a quieter and more comfortable overall environment. Wood (e.g., oak, walnut, mahogany, etc.) also offers versatility in design and customization by allowing you to tailor the door to match the style and branding of your office space.


Glass doors are popular in contemporary office spaces and can open up any environment. Their transparency allows natural light in and can brighten up a room. These doors are great for providing greater visibility into the office, which can lead to a more collaborative workplace.


Metal doors, however, may be durable and secure but can lack visual appeal. Often made of steel, aluminum, or hollow metal, they’re known for being extra strong and highly resistant to wear and tear.


Every type of door serves a unique purpose. Choose one that best aligns with what you need.

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Finding the Right Fit With 27estore


With 27estore, commercial door installation is made easy. We pride ourselves on sourcing and creating quality products that perfectly suit any space.


All of our wooden and glass door styles are custom-sized to our client’s needs and sold with a set of pre-hung interior doors (including a knock-down frame and molding set) to ensure easy installation. Plus, every door comes with all the hardware needed for a smooth installation process!