With a variety of designs, colors, and styles, fluted wall paneling can add some extra oomph to any room. If you’re thinking of adding an accent wall to your home or office, make sure to budget for fluted paneling from the very beginning so you have enough funds to buy the best option for your space.


Fluted wall panels tend to be one of the more affordable and accessible panel options, but the cost can vary depending on the material used, the quality of production, and the manufacturer. 


27estore has several fluted paneling options to choose from, so there’s a fit for everyone’s style and budget. 27estore panels are known for their quality, are easy to install, and don’t require a ton of maintenance. Exploring different options and comparing prices can help you choose the right fluted paneling for you and your space.

Breaking Down the Cost

Many factors can contribute to the cost of fluted wall paneling, with the material being the primary influence. Using higher-quality materials like solid wood or metal is typically more expensive than PVC or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). The better the quality and durability of the paneling, the more you are likely to pay; however, by choosing a less expensive option, you might not be able to achieve the overall aesthetic you were looking for when you started your paneling project. 


Other factors like customization, panel size, finish, and design details could drive the cost up further. It’s important to know what you want the panels to look like, have a set budget in mind, and chat with an expert from 27estore before making any decisions. 


If you’re contemplating your options, you may want to know whether a fluted panel is hard to clean before going this route. The good news is that, depending on the texture and design of the panel, most are simple to clean with a microfiber cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner.

Budget-Friendly Tips to Save More

If you want to have a stylish home without breaking the bank, you may consider less expensive materials like PVC or MDF. If you choose wisely, you can still achieve a high-end look with these for a fraction of the cost.


Are you great at tackling major projects and home renovations on your own? Choosing a do-it-yourself installation over hiring professionals can save you big on labor costs. There are hundreds of video tutorials online and other resources that can provide additional guidance along the way.


When it comes to style and design, prioritize standard sizes and finishes over custom or specialty options. The more customization, the more you’re going to spend. If you think you can achieve the look you aspire for with a half-accent wall design instead of a full wall, you may consider that option, as well. 

High Quality, Low Cost With 27estore

With a wide range of custom designs and innovative options, 27estore wall panels are made from quality materials that are built to last. Our designs prioritize function and comfort with many options and price points that can accommodate any budget.


Based in Las Vegas, our European-style luxury designs can be shipped to anywhere in the United States. Our top-notch products–including fluted wall panels–can liven up any room and make it feel super stylish, with a design unique to you. 

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