Cabinetry is the most critical design component for any kitchen remodel–but as a homeowner, it can often be overwhelming trying to decide between so many styles and varieties. If you’re looking to elevate your kitchen space, here is a quick breakdown of six of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles today.

1. Country Cabinets

If you’re not a fan of the sleek, modern aesthetic, country cabinets are more likely to suit your taste. Like traditional cabinet styles, country cabinets often come in beadboard, raised panels, and other variations (such as tin or wire) and bring a more timeless, cozy, and homely vibe to your kitchen.

The most common construction material is wood, and many homeowners opt for painted doors in colors like pale blue, yellow, mint green, or cream. But to take the country vibe of your kitchen to the next level, you can customize your cabinets with milk paint or distressed designs, or check out some of our .

2. Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass-front cabinets are synonymous with picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy kitchens. They can be a great way to break the monotony of solid-door cabinets and dress up your kitchen in a unique way. Plus, if you’ve got a collection of decorative dishes, pretty cutlery, and glassware, glass cabinets are the perfect way to show them off.

They are also great for making your space look larger and brighter, especially if placed near a large window to reflect lots of natural sunlight. However, glass-front cabinets are not for everyone–if you’re not the type to keep your dishes stacked perfectly, you should opt for solid cabinets, instead; if you want the enlarging and brightening effect of glass-front cabinets but don’t want a see-through option, you can opt for mirrored cabinets.

Keep in mind that glass-front or mirrored cabinets are perfect for highlighting one particular area in your kitchen–generally a less-used one–such as a butler’s pantry or a display area.

3. Beadboard Cabinets

Beadboard cabinets are made of overlay cabinet doors that have grooved panels in the front. If your ideal kitchen aesthetic is a crossover between a modern farmhouse and a quaint cottage, beadboard cabinets might just be the design choice you’ve been looking for.

Styled using traditional beadboard that was generally used on walls, this versatile cabinet design works well with both contemporary and traditional homes. For a full cottage effect, you can even complement this antique design with an aged brass cup pull handle. These cabinets are generally moderately priced and can be painted or stained using a wide array of colors.

Generally, muted, darker tones–such as emerald green or navy–work best with this design.

4. Contemporary Cabinets

If a clean, minimalistic kitchen is your ideal space, contemporary cabinets will be your ultimate design pick.

Contemporary cabinets feature simple hardware, neutral colors, flat surfaces, and minimal ornamentation. They are typically constructed with concrete, glass, metal, or manufactured wood, but customizations and unique design twists are always possible.

This design style is perfect for small kitchens with a clean, unfussy outlook.

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5. Slab Cabinets

Also known as flat-panel cabinets, slab cabinets consist of a single, smooth piece of wood or plywood. These cabinets are most commonly found in neutral kitchens with a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Flat panels are available in various finishes, from natural wood tones to white, gray, lacquer, or glossy colors. And because the cabinet front is unadorned, it serves as a clean, fuss-free backdrop that makes for a sophisticated kitchen outlook.

Slab cabinets can bring a high-end feel to your kitchen but aren’t as expensive as you might think–in fact, a modern flat-front cabinet can actually be very cost-effective. While pure wood fronts may be pricey, plenty of affordable lamination options look as incredible as the real thing at a fraction of the cost.

While generally associated with a stark, minimalist vibe, these cabinets can also be warmed up using paints, colors, and wood finishes for a more lively feel. Also, because these cabinets have no details or crevices to attract grease or dust, they are super easy to keep clean.

Shaker Cabinets

Want a truly out-of-the-box cabinet design style? Shaker cabinets will be right up your alley! The most stylistically versatile cabinet design, shaker cabinets can easily blend in with both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Known for their simple, practical, and smart design, shaker cabinets feature a simple frame and panel structure. They are made from a five-panel door comprising a four-piece frame with a panel in the center.

Though traditionally made from high-quality wood in natural colors, homeowners today experiment by painting shaker cabinets every color under the sun. A popular design choice is to paint the upper cabinets a brighter statement color and then use a different, more muted, complimentary tone for the lower cabinets.

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