Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important aspects of any kitchen modernization program and kitchen cabinets are typically classified within three categories, these are stock, custom and semi-custom.

Stock cabinets are typically to be found in home improvement stores and are the cheapest option available and are the best choice for people who are renovating their kitchen, but have a strict or tight budget. They can come in a range of different styles and colors but they are not customizable and they do tend to come in standard sizes which is not good when you have an odd shaped kitchen.

The option of semi-custom kitchen cabinets tends to come in standard sizes, although, they can be modified to match the interior of your kitchen. For a made to measure kitchen cabinet, then a custom made kitchen cabinet is the way to go, these will be made to your exact specifications. The size, shape, material and style of your kitchen cabinets is only limited to your imagination in most cases.

Antique White Cabinets

There are many different kinds of kitchen cabinets available for you to choose from and one of the most popular kinds of kitchen cabinet is the traditional style. These often come made out of such woods as mahogany, cherry or walnut, and they come in Italianate, Victorian or Georgian designs, however, for a real rustic feel you may want to consider a country kitchen effect, although, these kinds of cabinets will look out of place alongside more contemporary fixtures and fittings. Cabinets that are suited to the more rustic look are traditionally made from woods that include knotty pine, hickory or alder. However, you may be in search of something a bit more unique and there are plenty of other woods out there that can be fashioned into kitchen cabinets.

Wenge and Aluminum Glass Cabinet Doors

If you do have a fairly modern kitchen then you may wish to go for something a bit more contemporary when it comes to choosing your kitchen cabinets. Cabinets that are more modern in construction typically are manufactured from materials such as stainless steel or toughened glass and can come in a number of bright colors, and the doors can be set to open up horizontally.

Lastly there is what has become known as the transitional kitchen, and this consists of a mix of the traditional and the contemporary in design. They contain a little bit of everything and include both natural materials as well as those that are man-made.