You’ll know a designer door when you see one. It will have an exclusive design rather than a mass-market look. The most gorgeous designer interior doors come from Italy. When it comes to fashion – be it clothes or home goods – the Italians have luxury down to a science. The House of Gucci came from Italy, and modern Italian doors offer the same kind of unrivaled fashion for your home.

What is it specifically about designer doors that set them apart from everyday, ordinary doors? Simply put, it’s their timeless appeal. Vintage Gucci has enduring appeal, making it a smart investment. With interior designer doors, you are making a similar kind of investment. If you factor in how much use you get from quality, high-end doors, you’ll see that the cost per use is reasonable. If you want a door that isn’t trendy and will look as good in 20 years as it does today, the nINETY contemporary black door or the tWENTY aluminum frame door may be for you (both are available in the U.S. at

nINETY black gloss interior door

Just as Italians prefer luxury materials for their clothing (and insist upon it), exclusive interior doors are made of the best materials. You’ll notice their gorgeous finishes and up-market hardware. Coordinating levers, concealed hinges, and center patent-type locks with keys all add up to total lavishness.

Like the perfect red lipstick, the eIGHTY gloss door is the ideal shade of red. It’s neither too orange nor too pink – it’s just right. You can customize it a bit by adding wood inserts with vertical grain or pinstriped glass. Just as no woman would go to a black-tie affair without red lipstick, a modern home looks totally complete with glossy red .

Fashionable doors came about out of necessity. Doors that hang sadly from their hinges can make a home seem depressing, while designer doors boost the entire mood of a home. Buyers do notice the difference. A chic door shouts, “I’m different, I’m bold, I’m private label. Come hither and see what’s behind me.”

When you have to stop to stare at a set of interior doors, they’re designer doors. Quality materials, quality engineering, and fashion-forward styling set them apart from the rest. They don’t go out of style the way some do because they’re not fad-based; they’re styled to offer enduring appeal, ensuring your investment is a smart one.