If you thought that wood paneling was a trend that ended in the 1970s you couldn’t be more wrong. It is a hugely popular option being installed in homes of all kinds, but mostly in those with a modern or contemporary “feel” or aesthetic. It can be found in an impressive array of looks and styles, but the best choices in wood wall paneling will be those made from natural wood veneers.

Why are these superior? It has a lot to do with the way these materials look when properly stained and handled. For instance, a somewhat Spartan and basic living area could have an instant amount of warmth added to it through the use of some wood wall paneling. This warmth would come from the various earthy colors of the wood, but also from the patterns of the grain in the wood too.

Consider the “contemporary” or “modern” styles of décor. They tend to feature extremely “clean” lines and will incorporate materials like metal and stone, and rely on limited palettes. If you add some wood paneling to any type of contemporary room you will automatically insert a bit of balance. Many modern designs are often at risk for being “cold” or austere, but the presence of a large quantity of beautifully treated and finished wood can really make a dramatic difference.

They can be found in almost any of the common varieties of timber, including oak and maple, but they are also found in far more exotic options too. These include things like mahogany and rosewood, but also Ebony Macassar and Zebrawood too. Such options can allow someone to do a cosmetic upgrade with very little effort or expense. For instance a room in which furnishings seem to disappear into the wall because of coordinating paint and upholstery could be saved by the installation of a few panels in a darker and contrasting color.