Wood has the power to drastically transform your home’s interior, even when you’re on a budget. For less than $200, you can give your house a revamped look full of warmth, character, and a touch of nature’s beauty.


Here are five affordable and creative ways to transform your walls with wood design elements:

Wooden Accent Wall Panels

An accent wall is one that’s different from the other walls in a room. If you choose to decorate this accent wall with wooden wall panels, you can instantly add depth, texture, and class to the space.


There are different types of wooden wall panels used for this purpose. Some of the most popular types include:

Wood Veneer Panels

Wood veneer panels have gained popularity in recent years. This is because they offer the beauty of real wood while being much more affordable, even when you decide to install an entire wood veneer wall.


Wood veneer panels are basically wall coverings made from thin layers of real wood, which are attached to a substrate material, such as plywood or medium-density fiberboard (commonly referred to as ‘MDF’). This creates a durable and decorative surface. 

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood panels are crafted from repurposed old wood. They’re an eco-friendly option that tends to bring about a vintage or rustic look; however, if the wood has a rich history associated with it, it’s likely to be very expensive.

3D Textured Panels 

3D textured panels use carved or raised wooden elements to create a visually interactive surface. They create shadows, reflect light on interesting angles, and add depth to a wall.


One way to further enhance the aesthetics of these wall panels is to install wall-mounted lighting fixtures. They further accentuate the depth and texture of the 3D panels. 

Tree of Life Mural

The Tree of Life is a popular decorative item to add to wood walls. It represents growth and renewal, which offers food for thought for visitors. It also creates an organic, timeless feel for frequent guests.


For impactful transformation, we recommend installing a large wooden version of this mural on your walls. Be it a plain sheetrock wall or a wooden paneled one, the Tree of Life will uplift the environment tenfold, especially if you position it in the center of the wall.


Also, make sure you select a color palette that compliments your room's overall theme. All natural wood tones are timeless. If you have an ultra-modern futuristic space, you might want to explore stained or painted options.

3D Wooden World Map 

A 3D wooden world map is an exciting addition to interiors, especially if you're a passionate traveler. It serves as an aesthetic reminder of your personal pursuits. Plus, it represents your adventurous personality and can easily impress visitors.


To make the most of this addition to your wall, pay attention to the map's size. Opt for a medium or large-sized world map that’s easy to read or understand from a distance.


It’s also a good idea to opt for a central placement, like above a couch or behind a dining table. You can even personalize your map to highlight past travels or significant locations to infuse it with your unique story.

Wood Planters and Shelves

Wood planters can be mounted on walls and filled with plants or flowers. On the other hand, wooden shelves mounted on the wall are storage solutions that can hold books, decorations, and more.


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Both of these wooden decor items add a natural, organic, and organized look to your space. You can install them on both plain walls or wooden walls.

Wooden Typography

Last, but not least, wooden typography can help you add meaningful messages to your space. If you’re installing messages inside your home, you can opt for family mottos or inspiring quotes. If you’re installing them in your workspace or guest room, you can opt for motivational quotes or your favorite phrases to represent your personality.


This type of decorative touch can cost anywhere between $25 and $350, but the overall impact can be game-changing.

In Summary

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Once you’ve chosen your panels, be sure to check out our post on how to install wood wall panels!