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Lyon Walnut Textured Decorative Wall Surface 4x9


People are turning to house alternatives in recent years. No longer do people feel compelled to stay in one place. Now, thanks to the conveniences of the modern world, such as Wi-Fi and being able to work remotely, people are revamping vans and old school buses into homes on wheels. People taking this unique house route have numerous challenges facing them. They have to get everything necessary for living in a very small space. Living in a house with wheels doesn’t leave them exempt from a stylish home design. These adventurous homeowners can add style to their homes as well.

When creating your home in a van color is an important consideration. Using our Lyon Walnut laminate sheets allows the homeowner to have style and beautiful wood in shades of brown. The light and darker wood tones pair with a broad spectrum of colors. For a softer, country-style space consider a black and white checkerboard flooring. Accent the space with pillows and a throw rug in bold colors. Consider small plants or herbs to add a touch of nature to your home. Pieces with chickens, cows, and perhaps produce on them would be great for hand towels and an oven mitt.

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Lyon Walnut Textured decorative laminate sheet roll 4x9 ft.


High quality product and eco-friendly product
Cost effective when compared to natural wood veneers
Strong and durable laminate surface
Easy to clean and maintain 


Clean with water or non-abrasive detergent. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

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