Turquoise – The Cool Kitchen Color Cabinet Trend
Turquoise – The Cool Kitchen Color Cabinet Trend

Trends in kitchen cabinetry change frequently. There are times when warm colors are all the rage, such as reds, yellows, and oranges. Other times white and other neutral colors are more in demand. Currently one of the most popular color trends in kitchen cabinetry belongs to the cool colors.

Turquoise is one of the favorites in the cool color category. Turquoise offers various hues and shades that combine both blues and greens to create the perfect shade for a cool, calming, and relaxing kitchen atmosphere. The various shades available help to create dark, sophisticated looks or bright and cheery kitchens.

When using turquoise in a kitchen the first step is selecting the ideal color to fit your design needs. If your home has an open floor plan, which exposes the kitchen to other rooms of the home, select colors that complement one either. Doing this helps tie the different rooms together. When looking at a color wheel, colors such as cream, yellow, brown, fuchsia, cherry-red, and dark-violet combine well with turquoise.

RAL 5018 Turquoise Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Turquoise Blue Kitchen Cabinets

This large galley style kitchen boasts multiple design elements that accent the turquoise blue kitchen cabinets perfectly. A unique design element that keeps the upper cabinets flowing is the lack of visible door pulls. The presence of the stainless steel on the base cabinets ties the appliances to the rest of the room.

RAL 5020 Ocean Blue Cabinetry

Ocean Blue Cabinetry

This kitchen cabinet color is a much deeper and richer color than traditional turquoise. This large kitchen features ample storage and impressive, statement-making drawer pulls in stainless steel. The contrasting grey countertops and backsplash bring the deep color of the cabinets to life. The incorporation of the wide lights under-the-cabinet helps with illuminating the space.

RAL 5021 Water Turquoise Blue Undertones

Water Turquoise Blue Undertones

The bluish-green undertones of these turquoise kitchen cabinets are reminiscent of the colors found in the ocean. The colors are both cooling and relaxing. The deep rich shade has the potential to overwhelm the space. This is prevented through the numerous lights, the cream-colored countertops, light-colored floors, and white walls. Having a glass door and windows also helps sunshine flood the room.

RAL 5024 Pastel Blue Kitchen

Pastel Blue Kitchen

This long, narrow kitchen deviates a bit from the traditional turquoise. It is more of a greyish-blue. The color when paired with the grey marbled countertops and the dark gray tile flooring worth together to provide the perfect contrast. Opting to go without visual hardware keeps the cabinetry looking sleek and smooth.

Pastel Blue Kitchen

Grey is a color that works well in kitchens. It is both stylish and modern. In this kitchen design, the grey undertones of the cabinetry are reflected in both the flooring and the countertops.  The open windows seen reflected in the ovens offer additional light to the room during the day.

RAL 5025 Pearl Gentian Blue Kitchen

Pearl Gentian Blue Kitchen

This turquoise blue feature wall in this kitchen makes a true statement. The handless cabinets also offer a large amount of space for all storage needs. The turquoise blue offers a pop of color when paired next to a number of elements in stainless steel and white. To add a more modern edge to the design the stainless steel range hood is positioned over the recessed cooktop stove.

RAL 6000 Patina Green Kitchen Cabinet

Pearl Gentian Blue Kitchen

Turquoise comes in many hues and shades. In this incarnation, the turquoise leans more to the green side of the color spectrum. It is paired perfectly with a sleek and shiny black countertop and mid-rise backsplash. The dark colors contrast brilliantly with the white color on the walls and included in a set of shelves in one corner of the kitchen layout.

RAL 6004 Blue-Green Kitchen Design

Blue-Green Kitchen Design

This beautiful kitchen has blue-green cabinets. The design offers high ceilings with exposed beams and natural wood flooring. The u-shaped kitchen is small in scale but not uncomfortable courtesy of the presence of the windows and the tan countertops and backsplash. Every element in this kitchen works together to create a space that is comfortable enough for multiple people while remaining stylish.

RAL 6016 Turquoise Green Cabinetry in an L-Shaped Kitchen

Turquoise Green Cabinetry in an L-Shaped Kitchen

When designing an L-shaped kitchen the longest side becomes more of a feature wall. In this kitchen, the turquoise green cabinets bring a richness and depth to the room. The combination of the large windows and the wood flooring brings a touch of nature into this stylish kitchen.

RAL 6027 Light Turquoise Cabinetry

Light Turquoise Cabinetry

Small u-shaped kitchens feel even smaller with darker colors. In this kitchen, the choice to use the bright, yet light-colored, turquoise cabinets open up the room. The room is filled with ample light through the use of a glass kitchen door. The pendant and under-the-cabinet lights offer additional light to an already naturally well-lit room.

Extended View Light Turquoise Kitchen Cabinets

Light Turquoise Cabinetry

This is a small, u-shaped kitchen with an open concept. Light is brought into the room through the use of glass doors and the white paint on the walls. The use of the light-colored flooring helps accentuate the vibrant color in the light turquoise cabinetry.

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RAL 6033 Kitchen Cabinets in a Mint Turquoise

Kitchen Cabinets in a Mint Turquoise

This kitchen offers a more modern design and a touch of the dramatic with the inclusion of backsplash and countertops in black. The hint of stainless steel from the overhead lights combines well with the stainless steel appliances. The lack of hardware visible on the kitchen cabinets provides a sleek look.

RAL 6034 Pastel Turquoise Kitchen

Pastel Turquoise Kitchen

In any design, when using boldly colored kitchen cabinets the use of wood is an excellent option. The wood tones add a bit of a rustic edge to a kitchen design while maintaining its simplicity. The stainless steel range hood and appliances, as well as drawer and door pulls complete the overall look.

As you can see the numerous tones, hues, and shades of turquoise work well for any kitchen. Whether you have a small, quaint little kitchen or have a large kitchen with a sophisticated air to it, turquoise works perfectly. For those wanting to add a touch of turquoise to their kitchen design but cannot commit to the color completely, a kitchen island in a chosen shade of turquoise is a viable option.