Whether you’re installing new bathroom base cabinets or replacing existing ones, the first consideration should be the dimensions of the space. Knowing the types of bathroom cabinets to install and the sizes available helps you determine how to utilize the area effectively.

The standard width of single vanity cabinets ranges from twenty-four to forty-eight inches, and double vanity cabinets fall between forty-eight and seventy-two inches. The standard depth of both cabinets is twenty inches, although there are narrower and deeper options.

Factors for Determining the Size of the Cabinets

The size of your vanity cabinetry depends on several factors, including the size of your bathroom, maneuverability, and comfort needs. Your bathroom should be well-organized to make your morning preparations hassle-free and comfortable. Similarly, make your bathroom a haven where you can wind down in the evening after a long day at work.

Here is what you should keep in mind:

Available Space

The space available will determine the height, width, and depth of your vanity cabinets, as well as the number and types of cabinets you can comfortably fit in the bathroom. For instance, if you have limited space, you might have to install just a few cabinets without drawers to create enough space to move around in.

If you are working with a small space, hire a contractor who understands how to organize bathroom cabinets without drawers. These cabinets have fixed shelves and swinging or sliding doors designed to create extra space in your bathroom.


Installing large bathroom cabinets with drawers shouldn’t be a problem if you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom. While having enough cabinets is important, you need to leave enough space for movement. Choose vanities that can handle your storage needs without impeding your ability to move around.


Your comfort is a priority when using vanity cabinets. Ensure the cabinets aren’t too tall or too short. Interior designers refer to this measurement as ‘comfort height.’

The right height reduces back strain because you don’t have to stoop too low to access items in your vanity cabinets. Furthermore, you won’t need to step on a bench or stool to open or close your upper cabinets.

Common Vanity Cabinet Measurements

Twenty-Four-Inch Vanity Cabinets

The latest twenty-four-inch vanity cabinets offer well-organized storage solutions despite their compact size. They’re ideal for small bathrooms where efficient utilization of limited space is vital. 

Choose twenty-four-inch cabinets with fixed shelves and sliding doors to save on space. Some of these cabinets combine shelves with drawers to meet bathroom storage needs.

Thirty-Inch Vanity Cabinets

Thirty-inch bathroom cabinets are an ideal choice if your bathroom has inadequate space. They offer ample storage while leaving enough room for mobility and comfort. 

Some cabinets have drawers while others come with fixed cabinet spaces or a combination of both. These have a modest amount of width and height and can only accommodate one sink and about four drawers.

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Thirty-Six-Inch Vanity Cabinets

These are spacious cabinets with extra countertop space. You’ll need a larger restroom because they occupy a substantial amount of space. One of the main benefits of having large vanities in a bathroom is that they provide sufficient storage space for keeping your bathroom organized and neat.

Forty-Eight-Inch Vanity Cabinets

These vanity cabinets are probably the most adaptable option for restrooms. They’re large and allow for two sinks and eight to twelve drawers. A forty-eight-inch vanity cabinet is ideal for large bathrooms with high traffic, such as a guest bathroom or a shared bathroom.

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