Paint can lift off bathroom vanity cabinets due to a number of reasons, such as high humidity or moisture exposure, poor surface preparation, not using the proper paint or primer, and poor paint application techniques. You may be able to restore the cabinet through sanding and priming, or you may need to replace the cabinet altogether.


Before making any major decisions, we recommend you consult with a professional to see if the cabinet is salvageable. Whether you’re replacing or refacing your cabinets, 27estore offers a wide variety of types and colors of cabinets to pick from to fit any bathroom aesthetic. Our cabinets are well-crafted from high-quality materials that are designed to last a long time.


Why Your Cabinet May Be Peeling


Moisture is a major cause for peeling paint in bathroom cabinets. Moisture–or high humidity levels–in a room often leads to a process called delamination. When moisture infiltrates beneath the paint layer, it breaks the adhesion at the surface. So, where does this moisture come from?


Bathrooms are a hotspot for humidity, with sinks, showers, and baths often causing steam or splashes that can creep between the paint layer and the adhesive. When the adhesion and bond is weakened, it leads to paint lifting, bubbling or peeling away over time. 


On the other hand, poorly painted and primed cabinets may peel, as well. This is likely due to inadequate surface preparation work or using products that aren’t compatible with the materials used, which hinders bonding and can lead to an unstable paint film. Similarly, rushing the drying or curing process can also weaken adhesion–especially in moist bathroom environments. 


Fixing Peeling Cabinets


Can bathroom cabinets be refaced? They absolutely can–often, the structure is still solid, and you can replace things like doors and drawers. If the damage is on the surface, you could potentially restore it, as well.


Once you’ve assessed the extent of the damage, you can then consider fixing your peeling cabinets. Sand and prime the affected areas first, and consider using products specifically designed for high-moisture environments to ensure better durability. 


Applying a topcoat or sealant to the surface can also help further safeguard it. Keeping up on maintenance and ensuring proper ventilation can prevent peeling in the future.


Restoring and Renovating Your Bathroom with 27estore


Made with high-quality materials, 27estore bathroom cabinets are reliable, built to last, and can elevate any bathroom environment. You use your bath vanity daily, so it should look good and last long! 


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The right cabinets can set the tone for any bathroom space and style. Choosing cabinets for your bathroom should be based on your storage needs and design preferences. As a critical component of any bathroom, they should be both incredibly functional and aesthetically pleasing!


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