Have you been looking around your home and realized that it is time to freshen up the look of your most used room. Did you recently remodel your home office or another room in your home? Does it still seem to lack something special? That final touch that you are missing may very well be the entryway to that room. Yes, the door to any room can make a dramatic change in the look and feel of both of the rooms on either side of the door. If you want to add a bit more elegance, color, and light to any room, consider a new transom door from 27estore.

The transom doors offered at 27estore provides those individuals interested in adding more light, and a classic look to their rooms with a variety of options. Our transom doors are created with only high quality, eco-friendly materials. Additionally, they are constructed with a solid hardwood frame that not only makes for ease of installation but also means that your door is built to last through years use. Along with the quality craftsmanship of the transom door you select, we also offer a wide variety of colors and styles to go with the frosted glass pane at the top of the door. The pane of glass allows more light to pass between the rooms on either side of the door. The choices of wood available to choose from range from dark, light, to the more exotic. Whether you want walnut, mahogany, pale oak, or the more exotic wenge or zebrano wood, we have something to suit your needs and desires.

If you have remodeled, or are looking to remodel a room in your home and want add a touch of elegance and light, try a transom door. With the selection of transom doors available at www.27estore.com, not only will you get a quality solid door in the color and style you desire, but you will also get the frosted pane of glass at the top which will allow more light to flood into the adjoining rooms.