Contemporary kitchen designs are available these days incorporating everything from to floating shelves, and yes, floating shelves are definitely in style! While they are a feature which can be used throughout the home, in the kitchen, they are experiencing increasing popularity due to their wonderful simplicity and functionality.

What Are Floating Shelves?

Floating shelves are designed in such a way as to appear as though they are suspended from walls without visible supports. They are just as solid as shelves which use supports, but the result of this simple design is a sleek, modern appearance that looks great in any room in the house. An advantage of the lack of supports, apart from the aesthetics, is that they can give the illusion of open floor space—a great visual boost when you’re looking to create an airy and spacious feeling in your kitchen.

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What Can Floating Shelves Be Used For?

Floating shelves come in a wide range of materials including wood, glass, and metal, and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Once they are installed, you can think in functional terms or let your creative flair go wild and place whatever you like on your shelves to complement your chosen design and enhance your space with a personally chosen ambience.

From pots and jars of cooking ingredients to condiments, cookbooks, and personal ornaments, there is little to stop you adorning your floating shelves with whatever takes your fancy. If you’re following trends and wondering or , we don’t hesitate to recommend floating shelves.

How Are Floating Shelves Installed?

Another advantage of adopting floating shelves for your kitchen is that they can be installed very simply and require little time and effort to do so. Typically, floating shelves are installed simply by screwing anchors into drywall then sliding the shelves over these anchors so that they fit firmly and are level with the wall. Once this is done, you’re done.

Other Advantages of Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great when it comes to reducing clutter. What’s more, when cooking, it can be useful to have things on hand and not have to search the kitchen for them. Floating shelves often bring attention to the walls, which, in turn, can highlight a beautifully coloured wall or tiles area behind the shelves.

Final Thoughts

In our experience, floating shelves are often the ideal choice for an attractive yet practical storage solution for a kitchen. They can be subtle and minimalist, or they can be a main feature in your kitchen. With so many options available and easy installation, it’s unsurprising that they are in style right now and will likely continue to be popular in the coming years with designers and homeowners alike.