It's hard to believe that the year 2012 is so close to coming to an end! As we enter the last quarter of the year thoughts turn to the coming trends and we increasingly find ourselves asking what will be hot in 2013 in terms of interior design. The main trend that we see emerging is that neutral is over! Designers will be moving away from cream, tan and grey and introducing a splash of color – most commonly green! This is great news for those interested in remodeling the kitchen in their home as it presents the perfect opportunity to fit modern kitchen cabinets and complement them with a rich color on the walls.

Take a look at some of the available kitchen cabinets in our catalog and see what jumps out. We can recommend team a darker wood like the Walnut Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors with a single lime green feature wall. The dark wood will make the color really pop. Then of course if the fashion changes – and they always do – you can simply repaint the wall because natural wood never loses its timeless appeal.

That's the important thing to remember about trends! They change every six months or so and while that's fine when it comes to clothes, it's just not practical to refit your kitchen that often. Most people get new kitchen cabinets every 10 years or so, after all it is expensive. The extent of the makeovers in between times usually only extend to changing the wall colors or accessories, so it makes sense to choose modern kitchen cabinets that will stand the test of time. Natural wood finishes are always in fashion and can easily be paired with most colors. Take this into considerations so that you are not saddled with a kitchen that goes out of fashion in a few months.