It is not necessary to look for elaborate designs in order to make your interior doors into something special. Sometimes, even the simplest of concepts can look fantastic. One of our most popular styles of modern interior door is the checkers design which is available in a huge range of beautiful wood finishes. The pattern is created using unique alternating natural pattern to create a truly stunning design which is both elegant and contemporary.

You can choose a single color of wood, like our Wenge Checkers Contemporary Door which is made from heavy, durable wenge wood which matches perfectly with luxurious interior design and furnishings to provide a high class look. This is a perfect choice for offices, dining room and studies thanks to its rich color and distinct character.

If you are looking for something much more striking, the very same pattern can be created using contrasting woods to create a fun and modern interior door. One option is to use grey oak and regular oak veneers on a solid oak slab for an exciting and fresh new look that is perfect for a games room or even a contemporary lounge. Or how about using Zebra wood veneers with the grain laid in alternate directions to create a spectacular looking design that would not be out of place in any stylish contemporary home.

Of course it isn't all about the look! Quality matters just as much. As with all of our interior doors, the checkers style are engineered from solid wood slab and feature solid wood jambs and natural wood Italian veneers. We do not believe in ever sacrificing quality over aesthetics – or vice versa! Why should you have to compromise when you can have both at very reasonable, affordable prices. Check out the hundreds of high quality designer interior doors on offer at – you will not be disappointed.