When you are looking to replace kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas, choosing the perfect set can be a challenge. When looking for matching kitchen cabinets, you need to work out a budget, measure your cabinets, consider the style and look of your kitchen, choose high-quality products and materials, and think about the most suitable hardware.


This article will help you find and install matching kitchen cabinets so you can be sure that your kitchen looks and feels its best.

Determine a Budget

The first step is to determine the budget for the project. Work out the funds you can allocate for the cabinets themselves, and how much it will cost if you are paying a professional to do the installation. This will help narrow down the options available and help you determine whether to choose custom or RTA cabinets.


What are RTA kitchen cabinets? RTA stands for ‘ready-to-assemble,’ and is a term used to refer to cabinets that come flat-packed for the homeowner to assemble and install. These cabinets tend to be cheaper, but require more work, so make sure you decide on your priorities before making a decision.

Measure Your Cabinets

Once you know how much money you plan to spend, the next step is to see what space you have available. Measure the height, width, and depth of your cabinets, and consider their configuration. 


Do you want an even number of upper and lower cabinets, or a mixture of one and two door designs? How much storage space do you need? By knowing the space you have to play with, you will be able to pick the perfect combination of cabinets.

Consider Your Kitchen Style

A key consideration in your purchase will be the look and style of your kitchen. Do some research to determine what color kitchen cabinets go with black appliances or whether country-style cabinets are a better fit compared to ultra-modern handleless designs. Make sure you have a clear picture of your desired style and aesthetic before you get started. This will help you choose the right designs, materials and colors.

Opt for Quality Materials

Kitchen cabinets undergo a great deal of wear and tear–the kitchen is the heart of the home, and so you need cabinets that can withstand daily life. With this in mind, it is a good idea to invest in the highest quality products your budget will allow for. The materials and the construction techniques used to make the cabinets will both play a part. By choosing the best your budget can buy, you can ensure that your cabinets will be able to last for many years to come.

Choose a Good Finish

The finish of your kitchen cabinets is another important consideration. Your choice should depend on personal taste and how much wear and tear your kitchen endures. The three main options are stained wood, painted designs, and laminate finishes. Of these, the latter are the most durable, but lack the natural look that appeals to many homeowners. 


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Decide which is the best fit for your aesthetic, then select your hardware. Choosing knobs, handles and hinges is a seemingly small task that can have a big impact.

In Summary

Finding the perfect matching kitchen cabinets can make a tremendous difference to the look and feel of your home. Doing a little research and taking the time to understand your options will help you pick the best cabinets to give your kitchen the upgrade of your dreams. Of course, for no-hassle, high-quality kitchen cabinets, 27estore has your back. Take a look at our wide selection today!