When planning a do-it-yourself kitchen renovation, you want to ensure you’re doing it correctly and safely.


Removing kitchen cabinets is an art, and it may be a good idea to have a second person on hand to help. Preparation for the removal project is key to doing it right–this includes disconnecting utilities and removing cabinet doors and shelves. You want to ensure you’re properly removing hinges and any fasteners attached to the wall and are cutting through any sealant. Once removed, patch any holes, clean up debris, and remove or give the cabinets a facelift. 


With dozens of shapes, sizes, and colors, a kitchen cabinet installation in Las Vegas from 27estore can help you redesign and customize your kitchen cabinets with your desired style. Our goal is to make your renovation as easy as possible, with little to no stress. 

Tips for a Seamless Kitchen Cabinet Revamp

Safety should always be a top priority for anyone tackling a renovation or construction project. This includes workers wearing safety glasses and a dust mask, and assessing the structural integrity of the kitchen before removing the cabinets.


You want to be thorough in your inspection of the cabinets and walls to find any hidden screws that might puncture your skin. Also, remove any heavy items stored inside the cabinets before you begin the demolition process.


Being detail-oriented will help as you remove and revamp your kitchen cabinets. Meticulously labeling and organizing your hardware will make for easier kitchen cabinet assembly. If you’re planning on keeping the countertops, you’ll want to be careful when working around them so they don’t get damaged. 


Documenting your process and the steps you take along the way with photos and measurements will provide evidence of how to measure the kitchen cabinets in case you forget how to do it in the future.


Cabinets can also be heavy, so it’s critical to have a second person to assist with lifting those bulky items. After removal, patch any holes, clean up debris, and get rid of or repurpose the old cabinets. Make sure to follow your local regulations when it comes to disposing of construction materials.

Necessary Tools for Successful Kitchen Cabinet Removal

You can’t demolish and renovate a kitchen using only your hands. You need a screwdriver or drill to safely remove the screws securing the existing cabinets to the wall. An adjustable wrench may also be necessary to disconnect utilities (e.g., power, lighting, or plumbing). A utility knife can help you cut through caulk.


Use a crowbar and a hammer to gently pry the cabinets away from the wall. Having a drop cloth or plastic sheeting on the floor can make clean-up easier, too. It’s crucial to prioritize safety and use the appropriate tools and equipment to ensure a smooth and risk-free cabinet removal experience.

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