Perhaps one of the most striking wood finishes we have on offer at is Grey Oak. It is one of the more modern choices when it comes to interior design and will instantly add a unique touch of chic sobriety combined with smart elegance.

Grey isn't a color we tend to consider as a design choice, but it is definitely one which is under rated! While it can be dull and sober, it is fantastic when teamed either with a bold splash of color or in a monochromatic color scheme of blacks, greys and whites. This is definitely a choice for those looking for a modern and elegant look. You can opt for this particular wood finish to get a really sleek and contemporary look. It is particularly suitable in corporate settings. Jut take a look at the huge range of grey oak products on offer in our store.

We can offer Grey Oak Cabinetry Doors to complete you kitchen or bathroom. Like all of our cabinet doors, these are made from only the best quality natural wood, Italian veneers. We never use laminates or cheap imitations! By using veneers inside and out – including the edges – we can guarantee that they are of the best quality possible and will also bring a really unique touch to the whole room. We also have Grey Oak veneer available in case you simply want to refinish your existing cabinetry.

One of our most popular choices is the Grey Oak Wood Wall Panel which offers a natural and easy way to really make your room pop! As mentioned earlier, Grey Oak can really enhance your feature color without upstaging it so it is great for those wanting to have some fun with colors. Wood panels are a great way to add some texture and dimension to a room. There are many different variations of what you can achieve with these panels which like everything else we sell are constructed from only the highest quality materials