Here at, we are proud of every single item we offer for sale. However, we are particularly pleased with our THIRTY2 Interior Walnut Doors. This interior door features one of our most innovative designs which allows our customers full control of the look of their interior doors.

The base features a traditional walnut wood finish, but we can customize the horizontal panels with a huge variety of material choices including crasting wood grains, aluminum or glass panels. This allows you to pretty much design the interior door of your dreams! This particular door is the walnut option, but the THIRTY2 is also available in both Oak and Teak finishes if you are not drawn directly to the walnut option. You can also choose between a horizontal or vertical grain on all three finishes.

Like ever single interior door we supply, the THIRTY2 is fabricated Italy, using only the best real wood veneer. It features solid slab construction to ensure durability and longevity giving you peace of mind that you are making a long term investment in your home rather than wasting your hard earned cash. The door is framed is gleaming aluminum and is provided ready to hang in a perfectly squared door jamb in the same luxurious wood finish as the door.

To complete the look in effortless style, the THIRTY2 interior door is also supplied compete with stylish hardware including lever, latch and discreet pivot hinges. All hardware is supplied in a beautifully sleek satin chrome finish which comes as standard on every interior door in our designer range. The hinges themselves are concealed, reversible and adjustable for the ultimate customization to fit any home.