There is something that is just visually stunning about the color red, especially teamed with crisp white or sleek black, that is why it is pretty much always in fashion. This vibrant splash of color need no longer be confined to your wardrobe or your make-up bag, now you can bring a touch of red into your interior decor as well!

We have a number of options available to our customers when it comes to adding a splash of color to your home. Why not make a bold statement by using a red interior door to incorporate red into your home in a contemporary way. We particularly love the Eighty 8ft Red Gloss Door which features a shiny red gloss finish and decorative bands of aluminum to make it truly modern. This is a real eye-catcher which would finish off a modern apartment or office perfectly. It would, however, look out of place in a traditional setting - this one truly is only for the contemporary home! Another popular option is the similar Hundred Red Glossy Door which is finished in the same high sheen red coating, but features only two horizontal bands of aluminum at the top of the door. These bands can be switched out for any of our wood grains or even glass to customize your look. Either of these interior doors would create a conversation piece in a modern living space or studio office.

If alternatively, you want to create a modern twist on a more traditional look, why not opt for Red Oak to add your touch of red? This beautiful wood offers a more traditional style while updating your look with warm red-brown tones. We have a variety of interior doors featuring Red Oak, from our basic red oak interior door to a double french door which allows a more modern take. We also have our Transom door available in red oak with a glass panel for added natural light. These interior doors are great for people who want to stay on trend without losing traditional character in their home. Not everyone is ready for cutting edge fashion and Fire Engine red may be a step to far, but red oak is a fantastic alternative.

Of course it is not just the interior doors in your home which can provide a splash of red! Why not incorporate the color into your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. Like the interior doors, a vibrant red gloss finish may not be right for the kitchen, but we have plenty of red toned wood grains which can help. Classic Cherry is a hardwood which is renowned for a deep, rich red-brown color and smooth texture.  This is a perfect choice for cabinet doors if you are looking for a fairly traditional look. If you want something a little more modern, then our Chocolate Pear Cabinet Doors may be the answer. While these are more of a chocolaty brown color, there are also red tones in the wood grain and it looks absolutely stunning when teamed with vibrant red. Why not try red counters or maybe paint a feature wall in red paint. The rich brown of these cabinet doors will really make the color pop.


Last of all, but by no means least - let's look at wood panels and wood veneers. These are becoming increasingly fashionable as an interior design choice. Many people are choosing wood paneling either as a feature wall, or an entire wall covering option. Likewise, wood veneer can be used to liven up old cabinetry, clad kitchen islands and many other uses. One of our current favourites is our Salsawood Veneer. This straight grain wood veneer is dyed with reds and greens to create a visually stunning grain with a splash of color. It allows you to enjoy all of the natural warmth and beauty of natural wood, but with a modern twist. Our veneers are all strong and durable and are available in 4 by 8 foot sheets, but can be cut to size. The is also an optional upgrade of having the veneer applied to MDF board if you need a sturdier material. It is also really easy to maintain and wipes clean in soapy water.

So with all of these great options, isn't it about time you got on trend and added some red into your home?