A well maintained home is a pleasure to be in. Making it eco-friendly ensures that one does ones bit not just for the environment but also for one’s health, as we are all aware of the harm the modern décor products can do. The following tips are aimed at providing basic guidelines to making your home a clean and green home.

1) Avoid VOC; opt for eco-friendly wall paints Paints are one of the biggest sources of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Now, let’s understand why one should avoid VOC containing products in home. VOCs are carbon-based chemicals that have high vapour pressure at ordinary room temperature conditions. It means they can easily evaporate into indoor air. Formaldehyde, one of the VOCs, found in paints cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat. Other problems like headaches, nausea, and nerve problems can also occur. Using Non- VOC paint enables you to avoid health hazards. Going to a specialty paint store would give one a good idea of the variety available, even at low cost, like Duron, ICI Dulux paints and so on.

2) Wood is good You can stay green by opting for wood wall panelling. The sturdy as well as cozy comfort of wood paneling has a vintage feel to it. Apart from the style factor, wood wall panels are easy to install, long lasting and can be made waterproof too. Our decorative wall panels made of wood create a look and feel that is unique to your living and working spaces. Check http://www.27estore.com/wood-wall-panels to see our online selection.

3) Instead of plastic shower curtain opt for glass screen Shower curtains, there cannot be a bath without their presence, right? But have you considered what happens to the plastic curtains once we discard them and bring in a fresh one? You can stop doing this harm to the environment by opting for a glass screen instead. A glass screen would be stronger, easy to clean and permanent. No changing screens every now and then, no pile up of plastic waste either. And when you avoid plastic, you also avoid breathing in the harmful fumes that they emanate silently.

4) Choose a wooden slatted base for your bedYour bed is where you spend the most restful hours of your day. Choosing a wooden slatted base for your bed ensures that there is plenty of ventilation so fresh air passes from the mattress thus eliminating any excess moisture and heat. They also make for a sturdy support and thus the mattress gets a strong base. This in turn ensures that your body gets the right support while sleeping. Being made from natural material they are also environment friendly.

Besides these tips, consider eco-friendly rugs made from natural fibres, natural materials like stone/wood for floors and furniture that has minimal use of synthetic materials. A little research will also bring up eco-friendly building materials for the exteriors which are cost effective and great on insulation and ventilation. Building a green home is all about considering the right materials which are harmless for the environment and your health.