Soft Touch Lacquer – The Latest Advancement in Wall & Cabinet Finishes

Do you ever look around your home and want a change? Have you had the same design style for years and are ready for something new? If you feel that way, understand that home renovations require considerable time and effort. You will need to select what themes you want for each room. You will need to choose and order any new appliances and flooring required. Two of the most exciting things to choose from are your wall panels and cabinetry. Ensure that you consider different finishes, as features may vary. One of the best options is our Soft Touch Lacquered Wall Panels and Soft Touch Lacquered Cabinet Doors.

Have you already chosen your themes for each particular room you are renovating? Do you prefer bold and bright colors? Are you more into neutral tones because you prefer a minimalist or Bauhaus style? If your design style incorporates a dark color theme, options are available. We offer more than 200 colors for your design needs.

When remodeling a kitchen having the right color is not the only thing to consider. Kitchens tend to be high-traffic areas. With that in mind, you want cabinet doors that will stand up to a lot of use. With other finishes, the cabinet surfaces may get scratched easily. The design of our Soft Touch Lacquered Cabinet Doors offers improved anti-scratch properties. This feature is highly beneficial as it will help keep your cabinets looking new for longer. This finish is priceless in homes where young children or teenagers live. Will this finish prevent scratches to occur completely, no, but it will afford you a higher chance they maintain their original appearance longer.

RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey & RAL 1004 Golden Yellow Soft Touch Lacquer Cabinet Doors

RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey & RAL 1004 Golden Yellow Soft Touch Lacquer Cabinet Doors

Another feature that will help you maintain the look of your new cabinetry relates to discoloration. Over time, cabinet doors, wall panels, and wall treatments can fade or yellow. The Soft Touch Lacquer finish can help maintain its original color courtesy of its improved resistance to yellowing and color fading. The last thing you want to do is worry about your bright-colored cabinets looking dull quickly. When choosing our Soft Touch Lacquered Cabinet Doors in your kitchen or bathroom, you can feel confident the quality and color will last.

Discolored cabinet doors or wall panels are one issue to avoid following a remodel. As previously stated, the Soft Touch Lacquer finish helps with this goal. In addition, another product feature is consistency and uniformity throughout the whole surface. All the cabinet doors or wall panels need to flow to make the look seamless. Having color discrepancies will put a damper on your remodel. If designing your guest bathroom in a black and white theme, you want your black wall panels to match the black cabinet doors. Inconsistencies can lead to a failed design. With our cabinet doors and wall panels, you can feel confident in your purchases.

It is abundantly clear that the Soft Touch Lacquer finish for your cabinets or wall panels is an excellent choice. Check out these additional features that distinguish this finish from others on the market. It is standard for cabinets and wall panels to have a smooth texture unless you desire another option. As the name suggests, this particular finish has a soft touch surface. When paired with the anti-scratch properties, this is an excellent option. You can have cabinets and drawers free from bulky or unwanted hardware. Choosing this design style will also give a more sleek and streamlined appearance.

One of the most important aspects people consider when renovating is the amount of natural light that will flood the space. Large windows with minimal coverings are the best option. Light and bright colors related to paint colors and furnishings are additional elements that help keep a room bright and airy. When you choose Soft Touch Lacquer wall panels for an accent wall in your living room, you get more than a stunning wall panel. You will receive an additional benefit in that the finish offers extremely low light reflection.

RAL 7048 Pearl Mouse Grey & RAL 9003 Signal White Soft Touch Lacquer Cabinet Doors

RAL 7048 Pearl Mouse Grey & RAL 9003 Signal White Soft Touch Lacquer Cabinet Doors

When a cabinet or wall panel surface has a glossy finish, for example, it reflects more light. When this occurs, the cabinetry colors can change and not look as intended. Different types of light, both natural and artificial, have an impact on the way colors look. A deep dark blue, for example, can change from blue to look almost purple depending on the finish and light source. Have you ever noticed that white walls and cabinets can look yellow or even tinted grey? This can happen because it is a glossy finish and has harsh artificial light reflecting off it. Deciding to select cabinet doors and wall panels with low light reflection reduces the chances of color distortion.

If you are ready to start a remodel of your kitchen, feel confident knowing high-quality materials are available. You can create a perfect coastal-themed kitchen with well-crafted cabinetry. Select a shade of blue for your lower cabinets and opt for floating white shelves for above or white traditional cabinets with soft-close doors. A gorgeous marble countertop would pair well with the blue and white of the cabinets. Add in an assortment of coastal-themed accessories, such as wall art. If your home has an open concept, consider a complimentary wall panel color on a wall adjacent to your kitchen. In doing this, you can help tie the two spaces together and highlight a feature wall in your living room or dining room.

No matter what room in your home you remodel, you want to ensure you purchase the highest quality materials. You want cabinet doors that will maintain their smooth surface and color for years. The wall panels you choose to install should provide you with the look and feel you want for your space. When you choose either our Soft Touch Lacquer Cabinet Doors or Soft Touch Lacquer Wall Panels, you are not just making a design decision. You are investing in your home and giving it a much-desired facelift.