A Natural Color Trend – Green Kitchen Cabinets

In most homes people spend a tremendous amount of time in their kitchen. For this reason, it is important to create a kitchen design that is welcoming and encourages people to visit one of the most used rooms in the house. Often people stick with colors such as white for both the wall and cabinet colors. With such a simple canvas it is easy to accessorize with bold and vibrant colors.

In recent years, if you have been following the kitchen design trend you will find that a lot of people are turning to different shades of green. People who have remodeled their kitchen with cabinets in light shades of green to deeper emerald green are posting the finished product on Instagram and other social media platforms. These photos demonstrate the various ways that this color, that is reminiscent of nature, can add a bold splash of color to a kitchen without being overpowering.

A proven benefit of using kitchen cabinets in colors, such as moss or emerald green, is that it will generate a more relaxing atmosphere. Complimentary colors that work well when designing a kitchen with green cabinetry include white and natural wood tones. These colors work best as an accent, floor, or wall colors.

RAL 6000 Patina Green Kitchen Cabinets

Patina Green Kitchen Cabinets

This u-shaped kitchen can feel far too closed off when using kitchen cabinets in a shade of patina green. The addition of the black backsplash and countertop further continues to an overly dark feel. To counteract the dark colors pair the patina green cabinetry with white walls, light flooring, and stainless steel accents. The use of open shelves in white is another way to open and brighten the space.

RAL 6001 Emerald Green Kitchen Design

Emerald Green Kitchen Design

In a kitchen that features large open windows, such as the one pictured above, sunlight floods the room. The richness of the emerald green kitchen cabinets helps tie the outside into the home. The long stainless steel pulls add a sleek touch to the kitchen’s design.

RAL 6005 Moss Green Kitchen Design

Moss Green Kitchen Design

This kitchen design incorporates the pairing of dark moss green cabinets with stainless steel appliances, hardware, and sink. To complete the look the use of the contrasting white color opens the space up. The use of green foliage is another way to tie the room together.

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RAL 6017 May Green Kitchen Cabinet Layout

May Green Kitchen Cabinet Layout

A kitchen featuring these bright may green kitchen cabinets and white walls is a true statement. The large island with the black countertop opens up the space. To finish the look the white, rectangular range hood is a popular additional feature.

RAL 6016 Turquoise Green Kitchen Cabinets

Turquoise Green Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen is not quite a galley kitchen but appears to be more of an L-shaped design. The placement of the stainless steel refrigerator across from the wall of cabinets contributes to its L-shape. The deep turquoise green cabinets create a bold statement wall in this kitchen design. To add to the drama the large windows are framed in a rich black. The wood flooring adds an older, rustic touch to an otherwise modern kitchen design.

Green and Orange Kitchen Cabinetry

RAL 1033 - Dahlia Yellow

RAL 6018 - Yellow Green

Green and Orange Kitchen Cabinetry

For a truly nature-inspired kitchen, the pairing of green and orange kitchen cabinets works well. The bowl of oranges and limes helps tie the room together. An additional touch of nature includes the green plants in the white pots. The overall look is bright and cheery.

RAL 6025 Fern Green Kitchen Design

Fern Green Kitchen Design

This is a small kitchen that makes a bold statement utilizing deep fern green cabinets. The accent wall in the matching green helps define the small kitchen space without closing it off. White is an excellent color to pair with any shade of green but the inclusion of fresh flowers and plants is a great tip for creating a relaxing and natural room.

RAL 6026 Opal Green Kitchen

Opal Green Kitchen

This wide-open, u-shaped room features dark opal green kitchen cabinets. The wood flooring, tan countertops, and backsplash pull the room together. A lighter green cabinet door was used to offset the bank of upper dark green kitchen cabinets.

RAL 6027 Light Green Kitchen Design

Light Green Kitchen Design

The beautiful glossy kitchen cabinetry in this design could almost be considered a mint green. The bright color of the kitchen cabinets is accented by the stainless steel pendant lights, appliances, and faucet. The glass door in this u-shaped kitchen design lends additional natural light to the room which is reflected off the white walls and counters.

Light Green Kitchen Design

Narrow kitchens in a u-shape can feel claustrophobic if the overall design isn’t properly thought out. Having light-colored flooring, white walls and the glass doors allow for ample sunshine to come in lightening the room. The black band over the upper high gloss green cabinets makes for a dramatic statement in a rather simplistic, open concept kitchen.

RAL 6033 Mint Turquoise and Stainless Steel Kitchen Design

Mint Turquoise and Stainless Steel Kitchen Design

This kitchen was designed with one thing in mind – to make a statement. Where the floor is a simple light wood panel, the rest of this kitchen is bold and modern in its design. Along with a large number of cabinets, which offer plenty of storage, this kitchen adds drama with the black countertops and backsplash. The large stainless steel fridge, with center wine fridge, adds a high-end touch to an already elegant kitchen.

RAL 6034 Pastel Turquoise Kitchen

Pastel Turquoise Kitchen

This small open floor plan kitchen is an excellent example of why natural woods work well when paired with vibrant pastel green cabinetry. Furthermore, the backsplash in glossy white tiles and the white walls enhance the brightness of the room. The inclusion of the stainless steel appliances and hardware help add a modern touch to a room that also has a rustic feel.

RAL 6037 Pure Green with Yellow Accents Kitchen Cabinetry

Pastel Turquoise Kitchen

Creating an accent wall in a single color is a bold choice. To break up the overwhelming abundance of green kitchen cabinets the designer incorporated a splash of yellow. The bright color was also used in the lower base cabinets on what may be an island. An intriguing feature included in this kitchen is the recesses in the cabinet doors.

Choosing green kitchen cabinets in your design can be tricky but it is easy to achieve success. Hues in the green family will lend a relaxing and comforting feel to your kitchen. Furthermore, with so many color options available it is possible to create a modern, rustic, or high-end look. Try incorporating texture, wood and earth tones, or bold contrasting colors to create the desired look.