are a popular and aesthetic design choice that many homeowners and interior designers opt for. Most people are familiar with floating cabinets, such as —and it is worth noting that they continue to grow in popularity as time goes on, and for good reason.

Floating cabinets are widely known for their sleek and modern-looking versatility. However, when it comes to floating cabinets, people sometimes worry about two things: the difficulty of and whether or not floating cabinets are practical.

The Perks of Installing Floating Cabinets

Extra Storage

Floating cabinets are a great feature that boosts the aesthetic appeal of any room, but they are more than just a design element. They are a very practical storage solution.

It is true that the lack of a base can equate to less internal storage, but there are always workarounds. For starters, floating cabinets are customizable to your needs. If you know that you need more storage, you can find a floating cabinet with more internal storage and shelves.

Some people also add decorative storage racks and baskets underneath the cabinet that help provide even more room.

More Space in the Room

Long gone are the days of feeling cluttered in a room. The wrong furniture and décor in a small room can make it feel even smaller–this is where floating cabinets come in.

The added space between the ground and the bottom of a floating cabinet can make a world of a difference. Because they are mounted onto the wall and not positioned on the ground, light can easily bounce off the floor and illuminate the room. So, not only can floating cabinets make the room feel more open, but they create the illusion of having more space.

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Easy Maintenance

Floating cabinets are easy to maintain. One sweep across the surface and the sides, and it is polished, clean, and looking pristine. The best part about floating cabinets, though, is the ability to easily clean beneath them.

No one likes a damaged vanity or kitchen counter, which is a problem with most traditional counters and bathroom vanities, as they are inevitably exposed to splashes of water. This water, over time, can damage the legs and base of a cabinet, as well as the bottom of the counter.

Floating cabinets are kept off of the ground. This not only ensures you have a much easier time cleaning the floors underneath, but it protects your vanity from water damage.

Ideal for Tight Spaces

While floating cabinets are ideal for any space, they are especially ideal for tight spaces. Small powder rooms and laundry rooms need to be smartly planned because these rooms are often in dire need of space-efficient furniture and decor.

A floating cabinet lets you get the most storage out of your powder room without forfeiting an open feel.

Final Thoughts

For all the reasons we mentioned, there is no denying that floating cabinets are a practical solution for many needs. If you are still unsure if they are right for you, contact the experts at 27estore for advice and suggestions, and we’ll help make sure your cabinet endeavors are a success!