A variety of issues might make you consider replacing your kitchen pantry cabinets, such as if the doors no longer work properly or if you are in the market to resell. A high-quality set of deep, tall kitchen pantry cabinets can truly boost the overall value of your home. 


What is a pantry cabinet? These cabinets are dedicated spaces in your kitchen in which you store food, and are typically a much more affordable option compared to walk-in pantries. In this post, we’ll dive into a comprehensive breakdown of what it might cost to build your own pantry cabinets.


Cost to Build a Pantry Cabinet 


The overall cost to build a pantry cabinet when updating your kitchen can range from $4,000 to $13,000, with the national average being around $11,000. There are many decisions that will factor into your overall cost, of course.


Size and Design


The biggest factor determining the price tag on your custom pantry cabinets will be the size of the cabinets you are adding to your kitchen. For instance, pantry cabinet sizes for a large kitchen will likely be larger and increase your overall price. 


These costs can show up in how much you need to spend for the materials as well as labor if you need to make any electrical or plumbing adjustments. Frameless cabinets require more customization and weigh more, meaning they will increase your overall price tag. Traditional framed cabinets will be more affordable to install than a more contemporary European style frameless cabinet.




It is essential to choose materials that both fit your design goals and offer durability. Your main options from least to most expensive are: wood veneer, laminate, wood, acrylic, and stainless steel. It will, of course, cost you more to use a material like solid wood than more common plywood alternatives. Other materials needed will also add up, including hinges, screws, cabinet door pulls, and protective coatings.


Labor and Installation


The bulk of your pricing will be determined by whether or not you invest in a contractor to aid you with the installation. If you want to make this a pure DIY project, you can save money; you can typically build and install your own standard eighty-four-by-twenty-four-inch pantry cabinet in as little as one or two days with just four to six hours of labor. 


Of course, a more aesthetically complex cabinet design will require more careful measurements and is best left to a professional. If you are replacing cabinets that surround your kitchen plumbing or electrical wiring, this work is also safest for a contractor to take over. Rates for contractors can range per cabinet or per square foot, coming out to around $130 to $200 per cabinet, or $35 to $100 per hour.


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Additional Related Costs


Other costs that may come with this kind of renovation include the costs to remove and dispose of the old cabinetry. Some local cities offer the occasional free garbage disposal day, which may be something to research before taking on the task of hauling and disposing of the old cabinets yourself. 


It might be worth your time to see if having your cabinets refinished with fresh paint or if replacing your cabinet door pulls could be another option to achieve the aesthetic goals you have in mind in a simpler manner. No matter your cabinetry goals, 27estore has you covered. Check out our wide range of cabinet doors and hardware options today!