After years of living in your home, your kitchen design can seem dull. The colors that once suited the overall look and feel of your kitchen just don’t work for you any longer. You have a few options if it is time to change the look of your kitchen. You can take control of the design process yourself or hire a professional. Whichever choice you decide one thing is for certain, the new kitchen design will revitalize this much-used space.

With so many popular trends it can be difficult to choose the ideal one for your home. One incredibly popular trend that has been around for some time now is the dual-tone kitchen cabinet option. It gives the individual the ability to incorporate two or more complementary colors into their kitchen design. As displayed below, one of the most common design styles is to combine wood cabinets with white or off-white cabinets.

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The combination of wood and white makes for a clean and natural design. The white of the lower cabinets, in addition to the expansive windows, helps the space to look more open and roomy. The incorporation of wood frames around the windows is a design element that helps tie the room together.


White is a color that works well with any color. It gives a bright and neutral base color to your dual-tone kitchen design. When combined with grey it makes for a sleek and sophisticated look. For an added bit of interest, a solid black countertop works wonders.


When using white base cabinets and brown upper cabinets the incorporation of a black countertop and backsplash can ground the darker colors. The white serves as a means to open up the area, even in kitchens that are on the smaller side.


When choosing your colors for your dual-tone kitchen do not be afraid of bold and bright colors. Bright colors, such as those pictured, pair well with white. In both of these kitchens, the majority of the kitchen is white with a bold companion color. As pictured one fabulous way to create your dual-tone kitchen is to use the island as the location for your bold color choice. The bold red color of the island makes it the focal point of an otherwise blank palette. 


Another option if you want to take an all-white kitchen up a notch is to consider incorporating a bold color such as green to your cabinetry. You can break up the bank of white cabinets by making one section of them your chosen shade of green, blue, or red. To help tie the room together making the bar of the kitchen the same color adds an extra touch of interest to the area.


For the more adventurous type consider choosing two different colors for your design style. When you blend complementary colors such as orange and green it can make for a bright and cheerful space. One way to create this dual-tone kitchen is to use one color for the base cabinets and one for the upper cabinets. In this particular kitchen, they opted to mix the colors up. White walls, backsplash, and countertop help add the finishing touch to this space to help make it look open and airy.


Creating a unique focal point in your dual-tone kitchen is another option. In this example, green and yellow are paired together perfectly. Instead of going with the traditional choice of one color for the base and one of the upper cabinets, the yellow was incorporated seamlessly to break up the wall of green cabinet doors. To further the look the yellow was also used for lower base cabinets, possibly the kitchen’s center island. A dark countertop completes the look.


A more dramatic option in a two-tone kitchen is to select darker colors. The choice of black in a kitchen always creates a dramatic look. The black matte lower base cabinets, matching backsplash, and the glossy black countertop unify the lower half of the kitchen. The top cabinets in the simple orangish-brown make for an impressive contrast. The color of cabinets, as well as the white walls, helps lighten the room and prevent it from feeling too small or cramped. The light flooring and incorporation of stainless steel appliances also help with that aspect of this modern space.


One of the boldest color choices to use in a kitchen is red. Red is a color that can energize the entire vibe of your kitchen. Furthermore, it is a color that works well with a variety of complementary colors depending upon the approach you are taking with the room’s design.


In this compact kitchen, red makes an incredible statement. The red of the cabinets and island is broken up with the use of a lot of wood tones. The browns help to tone down the bright shade of red, while adding a bit of sophistication to the look. The stainless steel appliances and fixtures, along with the white walls and white pendant lighting help prevent the space from feeling too closed in and confining.

In a long u-shaped or galley kitchen, the choice of red for the base cabinets adds a vibrant touch to the area. The high gloss countertops and backsplash, as well as the upper black cabinet doors, prevent the red from overwhelming the space. Light flooring, white walls, and various touches of stainless steel throughout finishes off the overall elegant yet modern look of this kitchen design.


Dual-tone kitchen designs work for all styles of kitchens. Whether you want a modern and flashy kitchen or a classic design in black and white, anything is possible. If you want to try your hand at a kitchen in two colors but fear too much color, one ideal option is to just include a small section of cabinets in your accent color.


The accent color can be a more subdued grey or a bold spring green. This small inclusion of color into an all-white kitchen can make a tremendously eye-catching focal point for your room.


Dual-tone kitchens are sure to remain a popular option for kitchen redesign for countless reasons. Their versatility and ability to work for modern, to classic, to contemporary designs are among them. Revitalize your kitchen by upgrading it with two colors that pair well together to create your ideal space.