From cozy storefronts to upscale corporate buildings, office doors are more than functional. Doors set the tone for the space you’re entering or exiting, provide discretion and privacy, and maintain brand consistency for your business.


The International Building Code (IBC) sets the standards for the maximum and minimum height and width requirements for commercial doors, and commercial office doors must be between thirty-two inches and forty-eight inches wide. According to the IBC, these doors should also be at least eighty inches tall, though there are exceptions.


We’ve created the ultimate guide for commercial doors to help you find the perfect office doors for your space. Whether you’re searching for interior office doors or crafting a new, upscale work space, 27estore has the expertise to help!


Choosing Interior Office Doors


Interior office doors are doors that exist exclusively inside your business’s building. This means that these doors do not provide access to the outside. You’ll typically see these doors in meeting or conference rooms, as an entrance to an individual office, or even in the restrooms at your office. 


Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about selecting interior doors:




We know that the majority of office or commercial doors need to range between thirty-two and forty-eight inches wide and must be a minimum of eighty inches tall, but what about the exceptions mentioned earlier?


If your business qualifies as any type of medical facility, your minimum width may be wider, at 41.5 inches. Or, if you have swinging doors without a divider between them, you must have at least one door that measures thirty-two inches in width.


In most cases, these exceptions won’t apply to office spaces. If you’re unsure of whether or not your doors are within the IBC regulation for door sizes or if you need wider doors due to the nature of your business, contact 27estore for specialized, expert insights.




Whether you’re a branch manager or head of HR, having sound-proofed doors can be critical to your business’s success. The last thing you want is for employees to be eavesdropping on confidential performance reviews or for an important sales call to get interrupted by everyone gathered by the water cooler right next to your office.


By choosing a door made with a solid wood core and other high-quality materials, you can easily avoid these embarrassing mishaps.




While a solid core wood door can provide sound-proofing, some office cultures prefer an ‘open door policy’-feel without sacrificing actual privacy. This is where glass-paneled doors come in.


27estore offers a wide selection of glass-paneled doors that come with frosted glass to provide your office with natural light and a more open feeling while still giving you the separation you need from the rest of the office to conduct private meetings or offer one-on-one coaching with your employees.


Need more privacy for certain meeting rooms? Our solid wood doors will do just the trick.




Changing your commercial office doors can be the facelift your workspace needs to make it feel more updated or on-brand. 27estore offers a variety of door designs, colors, and types to customize your office space. Say ‘goodbye’ to gray and beige cubicles, and ‘hello’ to the versatile, yet timeless appeal of mid-century modern doors!


Warm up your office space with light oak doors or keep it professional with a luxurious feel with our Wenge Glass 2 Transom interior doors. The possibilities are endless.


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Choose Durable Materials


When renovating your office, it’s tempting to cut corners with quality. However, opting for cheaper materials, such as hollow core doors, can cost you more in the long-run. Doors made with cheaper or lower quality materials can warp over time or damage more easily, and adjusting office doors can be tedious, cutting into your budgeted labor hours and more. Save yourself the grief and start off on the right foot by investing in quality materials from the start.


Revamp Your Business Space With 27estore


The IBC’s regulations regarding door size and swing are applicable to most states in the US. We recommend following the IBC regulations, but also check with your contractors‒they should be familiar with the regulations for your state. Commercial office doors are usually required to be between thirty-two to forty-eight inches wide and at least eighty inches tall.


For more information about selecting the perfect interior office doors, contact the 27estore team today or browse our expansive selection of doors!