Learn How to Install Drawer Slides on Frameless Cabinets

As you update your kitchen, you might be deciding between framed or frameless cabinets. The current trend is to invest in frameless cabinets, as these cabinets are sleek, modern, and create a seamless appearance for your kitchen storage.

Frameless cabinet installation is a popular choice for modern kitchens due to their sleek, seamless appearance and efficient use of space. Unlike traditional framed cabinets, frameless cabinets do not have a face frame, providing a clean and contemporary look. 

This design offers easier access to the cabinet's interior and maximizes storage space. When installing frameless cabinets, it's crucial to ensure proper alignment and support since the absence of a frame can affect the cabinet's stability. Additionally, installing drawer slides on frameless cabinets requires precise measurements and careful attachment to ensure smooth and reliable operation. Frameless cabinets are less sturdy, so you must install drawer slides carefully.

Types of Drawer Slides

There’s a wide variety of slides available, and understanding the different types of slides can help you select the best model for your cabinets.

Full Extension Slides

Full extension slides are perfect for heavier items, like pots and pans, and allow access to items in the back of the cabinet. When this drawer opens, it extends all the way to the front edge of the cabinet. We recommend these for bottom or lower-level drawers due to the weight they bear at full extension.

Soft-Close Slides

Also known as an ‘easy-close slide,’ soft-close slides drawer closed gently. It also has a spring inside that includes a cylinder damper component. This prevents the drawer from slamming, damaging the material and causing disruptive noises.

Slide-On Slides

Finally, slide-on models are great for frameless cabinets because they make installation quick and easy–these are common for all cabinets. This component is attached to each drawer in pairs, so when the drawer is opened, it slides with ease along the tracks of the slide. 

Installing Drawer Slides

Installing drawer slides is quite simple. With a few tools and some patience, you can garner great results easily.

Take Accurate Measurements

Every successful installation requires accurate measurements. If the measurements are incorrect, the drawer won’t open or fit. To find the correct size for drawer slides:

  • First, measure the inside width of the kitchen cabinet, from one side of the cabinet’s framing to the other side. 
  • Then, measure from the front opening of the kitchen cabinet to where you want the back end of your drawers to end. Mark this with a pencil by drawing a line on the inside walls of the cabinet

Keep in mind that this distance should be equal for both sides and will determine how far apart your drawer slides need to be. Leave enough space for your drawers to pass through without catching on anything.


Follow these next few steps to complete installation:

  • Position the slides in accordance with your marked measurements. Align the bottom edge of the slider above the line you’ve drawn. The front edge of the slide should be behind the mark, near the cabinet’s face.
  • Next, hold the slide firmly in place either by hand or with clamps.
  • Push the extension out and forward, exposing the screw holes.
  • Drill shallow pilot holes near the front and back of the slide. You can now use the screws provided to mount the slide to the inside of the cabinet.
  • Repeat above steps on the opposite side of the cabinet.

Mark the Drawer Sides and Slide Extensions

  • Use a tape measure to mark the center height of the drawer box on the outer side walls. Horizontally make a line on the outside of the drawer box. Repeat for both sides.
  • Take the detachable part of each drawer slide and secure it to the corresponding side of the drawer. Adjust them so they are centered on their line and flat against the drawer.

Final Steps

  • Use a drill to mount the slide to the drawer.
  • Hold the drawer level in front of the desired cabinet. Align the ends of the slide to the drawer tracks inside your cabinet and slowly push it into place.

If you plan on installing frameless cabinets on your own, make sure to explore how to hang frameless cabinets.

Final Thoughts

Drawer slides are easy to install, and 27EStore has various types of slides available to fit your needs and budget. By following this guide, you can achieve perfect drawer cabinet installation!