10 Red & Orange Cabinetry Design Ideas

Choosing the correct design style for a kitchen can be a daunting task. Many people opt for the traditional white walls and kitchen cabinetry with accents in a chosen color scheme. In the current state of kitchen design people are turning to a broad spectrum of color options. One popular option that people are electing to use is a warm color scheme utilizing different shades of red and orange.

People turn to the use of red and orange for a number of reasons. Not only are they available in a multitude of hues but these warm colors help provide a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen. It is also a known fact that colors such as red stimulate a person’s appetite. This is why reds are commonly used in foods and dishware.

Some people may feel that choosing kitchen cabinets in shades of red or orange may be overwhelming in small spaces. In reality, these colors work well in any size kitchen. The shape of a kitchen need not be a deterring factor to selecting kitchen cabinetry in these colors, as well. In addition, it is possible to find any number of complimentary wall, flooring, and accessory colors to complete your kitchen design.

RAL 3031 Orient Red Kitchen Cabinets

Orient Red Kitchen

The deep red kitchen cabinets in this design are accented with a glossy black backsplash and dark countertops. To add a bit of brightness to the design the room is painted in white walls and stainless steel hardware is used. The entire room is tied together through the installation of the black flooring.

RAL 2009 Traffic Orange U-Shaped Kitchen Design

Traffic Orange Kitchen

When determining a color scheme for a u-shaped kitchen one might assume a brilliant traffic sign orange would enclose or overwhelm the space. In the pictured kitchen to balance out the bold orange color of the kitchen cabinetry, it is tied together with white walls, stainless steel accents and the black granite countertop. The use of light wood flooring helps keep the space open and inviting.

Traffic Orange Kitchen

Choosing to use such a deep orange brings a tremendous amount of warmth to this u-shaped kitchen. The oval stainless steel range hood and faucet are a stark contrast to the spectacular black marble countertops. The cabinetry is kept simple in the design through intentionally choosing not to use any type of handles.

Vibrant Red Kitchen Design

RAL 3001 Signal Red - Top Cabinets | RAL 3020 Traffic Red - Bottom Cabinets and Island

Traffic Red & Signal Red Kitchen

In this vibrant single-walled kitchen design the red cabinets are tied together with an island in a matching hue. The incorporation of the brown earth tones adds an additional layer of warmth to this cozy kitchen. The use of the glass-faced wine refrigerator, the white walls, ceiling, and light fixtures help give the room an open and welcoming feel.

RAL 2008 Bright Red Orange - Bright Orange Kitchen

Bright Orange Kitchen

Floor to ceiling bright orange kitchen cabinets make an impressive statement. To break up the massive expanse of the bold color white was used to cover adjoining walls, baseboards, and over the corner section of the cabinetry. The dark marble backsplash, dark cabinets add a touch of warmth to the design while the stainless steel accents the orange color brilliantly.

RAL 3016 Raspberry Red Kitchen

Resberry Red Kitchen

The raspberry red of these kitchen cabinets is matched perfectly with the glossy black kitchen countertops. To set off the color of the cabinets stainless steel accents and appliances have been utilized. When choosing a bright color such as this choose color accents that include white, light wood tones, and black. The use of these colors highlights the color in the red raspberry cabinets while not downplaying their vibrancy.

RAL 2004 Pure Orange Kitchen Cabinetry

Pure Orange Kitchen

If when trying to decide on the perfect kitchen cabinet color you are in search of something that is both warm and comforting a reddish-orange cabinetry may be the ideal choice. The large picture windows help tie in the fruity orange color of the kitchen cabinets with the green foliage of the exterior of the home. The use of the wood flooring brings a very natural look and feel to this rather large open kitchen design.

RAL 3003 Ruby Red Kitchen

Ruby Red Kitchen

The ruby red cabinets used in this wide open kitchen add a touch of class and formality to the room. The choice of dark brick walls, large oval lighting fixtures, and dark backsplash add to the high-end design of this impressive kitchen. The contrasting light color of the wood flooring and the white ceiling offers an overall wide open kitchen floorplan in this home.

RAL 3005 Wine Red Kitchen Design

Wine Red Kitchen

A kitchen that features these wine red cabinets can feel claustrophobic. Utilizing under the cabinet lighting, white countertops and additional white accents helps to accentuate the beautiful cabinetry while still offering an open floorplan.

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RAL 3028 Pure Red Kitchen

Pure Red Kitchen

A small space can be overwhelmed by the vibrancy of these pure red kitchen cabinets. The incorporation of the marble countertop, siding, and backsplash are one design technique that breaks up the red. In addition, natural light from large windows helps open the space. Instead of the space being overpowered by the richness of the red kitchen cabinetry, the room is inviting and warm and ready for entertaining. All that this room is lacking are barstools to complete the design.

RAL 3016 Coral Red Kitchen Design

Coral Red Kitchen

This bold coral red kitchen features a wall of cabinets and is u-shaped. The extended cabinet featuring a stovetop slightly encloses the space. The use of large windows, white paint, and light flooring prevents the kitchen from feeling closed off. The rounded stainless steel range hood is a unique feature in the room.

Creating the perfect kitchen design no longer has to involve the use of bland and boring colors, such as white or off-white. With so many bold and vibrant color options to choose from in the red and orange families anyone can make a statement with their kitchen. These various warm hues can change a room from being cold and uninviting to a room where people enjoy spending a lot of time alone or with family and friends. If the idea of using one of these bold kitchen cabinet colors seems too much, combine them with cabinets in complimentary colors or glass front cabinets. The use of natural wood tones is another design technique that works well with orange and red kitchen cabinets.