Kitchens are the hub of most households. People gravitate to the room not just for food and drinks but socializing as well. With so much time spent in the kitchen, it is important to have a room that is not only visually appealing but also extremely functional. A kitchen should welcome people into the space and allow them the ability to prep and cook meals with minimal hindrances.

The creation of Blum Lift Systems has changed the way people can spend time in the kitchen. The new systems allow for ease of opening and closing doors in a highly effective and stylish way. There are also a variety of systems available to ensure that the ideal system for your needs is installed.


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The Aventos HF is a cabinet door lift system that uses two different panels. If you have a tall cabinet in your kitchen with large doors this bi-fold door is an ideal option. The system is easily installed with minimal tools. It is also very easy to adjust if there are any issues with it closing so that there is a seamless alignment with the cabinet.


Another member of the Blum Lift systems is the Aventos HL System. When it comes to tall and wall cabinets not all cabinet door systems offer the same functionality. When deciding on which cabinet doors to install, specific needs are taken into consideration. The Aventos HL system works well for kitchen cabinets with a wider than average face. The lifting mechanism for this system is securely attached to the interior of the cabinet and the doors.



Like all of the Blum Lift systems, the installation of the Aventos HL system is not complicated. All of the necessary pieces are provided. An electric screwdriver, and perhaps a second pair of hands, is the key tools required. The lifting mechanism is designed to hold the weight of the cabinet doors when fully opened or closed. The powerful mechanisms not only keep the doors open and closed, but they keep them open in a variety of positions.

Aventos HL System Installation

The Aventos HL system is not just a beneficial upgrade in your kitchen. It can be used in the living room or even perhaps a walk-in closet. When used with your living room cabinetry you can streamline the look of the room by hiding electronics that can prove to be an eyesore. As demonstrated in this photo, when the cabinet door is open it locks in the open position allowing ease of access to the stereo system.




The Aventos HK is among the more simplistic of the Blum Lift system options. It is an ideal option for smaller upper or tall cabinets. Like all of the lift systems, it comes with a well-made lift mechanism. To help keep the interior of your cabinets visually appealing the mechanism come with a cover that easily clips into place.


The main concept behind the Aventos HK top is to offer the user an easy way of opening and closing their kitchen cabinet doors effortlessly. When the door is open it stays at a 90-degree angle. This can also be adjusted if a different angle is more efficient in your kitchen. What is the most important aspect of this particular lift system? If you open the cabinet door to retrieve that all-important missing ingredient, the door will lock in place. This allows you to use one or both hands to retrieve what you need.


The Aventos HK is also excellent for the cabinets where dishes are stored. This frees up both hands for carrying a stack of plates or cups when setting the table for mealtime.



Up and over is the concept behind the Aventos HS system. Unlike the other cabinet systems, this particular mechanism is designed so that then the cabinet door is open it slants over the top of the cabinet. This would be a great option for spaces that do not have high ceilings. The cabinet door is opened and out of the way but doesn’t need an excessive amount of space to do so.



The lifting mechanism is this particular option is installed in a slightly different way to afford the up and over capabilities. You can see how simple the installation process is courtesy of the step by step video.


The Servo-Drive for the Aventos systems is a game-changer for fun, efficiency, and increased ease of use. The installation requires a few additional steps but the result is worth all the additional effort.


Once the Servo-Drive is installed you can open and close your cabinet doors with the touch of a finger. There are small buttons that you can press on the bottom of your cabinet that will close the door for you. It closes at a slow enough pace that it doesn’t slam and damage anything. Have a look at how smoothly these cabinets open and close.


When you are ready to renovate it is easy to go to the home improvement store and pick up traditional cabinet doors. It is also easy to decide to upgrade the look of your kitchen all while enhancing the functionality. Traditional cabinet doors are simple and effective. They have hinges and the doors open from right to left or the reverse. They frequently get in the way and if you aren’t alert it is incredibly common to see someone bump into a cabinet door. Although they serve their purpose they are seriously lacking in the functionality that is needed in a kitchen.


When you decide to incorporate one of the Blum Aventos Lift systems into your home you’re making a major upgrade. Not only are you making your cabinetry more visually appealing you are also enhancing its functionality. With the ability to open your cabinet doors so they are completely out of the way you reduce the possibility of unwanted accidents. Furthermore, you’re able to cleverly disguise an assortment of appliances. You also make things easier and more convenient during meal prep. If you are interested in making life in the kitchen easier by installing high-quality cabinet doors consider the Blum Lift systems.